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Tauron Dystrybucja will have a presentation during the 8th Smart Communications & Technology Forum

Tauron DystrybucjaOn January 21 meeting of specialists in the field of smart grid and smart metering will be held in Warsaw Smart Communications and Technology Forum. During this event, the Smart City Wrocław project will be presented by Tauron Dystrybucja in cooperation with Control Processing, which this year was awarded the OSGP prize for "Exceptional consumer engagement and sustainable development". Until now, Tauron Dystrybucja as part of Smart City Wrocław has installed about 380 thousand smart meters, but what makes the project unique on the scale of Poland is the technical progress of the project. Among the novelties offered to customers in 2018 is HAN Tauron AMI plus, an interface that allows customers to monitor and control energy consumption. The presentation will take place in the session at 13:50 and will be presented by Tomasz Rodziewicz, head of the innovation and new technologies office, Andrzej Szyp, Project Manager from the R&D department and a representative of Future Processing. More

Indra's representative will participate as a speaker during the 8th edition of Smart Communications and Technology Forum

Indra MinsaitThe event is scheduled on the 21st of January in Warsaw. The topic of Indra's presentation is "Effective Processing and Analysis of Measurement Data (MDM-Metering Data Management, MDA-Metering Data Analytics)". Indra's energy and utility solutions have been implemented at more than 140 electricity, water, oil and gas companies in more than 45 countries. In excess of 100 million customers across the world are currently managed using systems developed by the multinational consulting and technology firm. Indra is one of the main global consulting and technology companies and the technology partner for core business operations of its clients businesses throughout the world. It offers a comprehensive range of proprietary solutions and cutting edge services with a high added value in technology, which adds to a unique culture that is reliable, flexible and adaptable to its client’s needs. Indra is a world leader in the development of comprehensive technological solutions in fields such as Defense & Security, Transport & Traffic, Energy & Industry, Telecommunications & Media, Financial Services and Public Administrations & Healthcare. Through its Minsait unit, it provides a response to the challenges of digital transformation. In 2016 it reported revenues of €2,709m, had a workforce of 34,000 professionals, a local presence in 46 countries, and sales operations in more than 140 countries. More

EEX has published a schedule of Polish EUA auctions

Steffen LobnerAccording to the calendar of the auction published by EEX, our country is heading to sell nearly 117 million EUA units in EEX next year. "According to the EEX schedule, EUA's auctions on behalf of Poland will be held every second Wednesday, as it has been the case until now, with the first auction scheduled for January 16 and the last one until December 4, 2019. PLN 116.957 million is planned for sale for the entire year. Of which, from January to the end of July, 4,4285 million EUAs will be offered at each auction, in August at 2.2145 million, from September to the end of November 6.5855 million allowances, and in December 6.5875 million EUAs" - we read in the article published on www.cire.pl

You can listen more about this topic during a lecture by Steffen Löbner, Senior Project Manager in the European Energy Exchange on the 6th edition of the Emission and Energy Trading Summit, which takes place on 29 January 2018 in Warsaw.

Polish Airlines LOT involved in the VI Emission and Energy Trading Summit

Mateusz DziudziellotMateusz Dziudziel, Head of Fuel Planning and Settlement Unit at LOT Polish Airlines will give a lecture during the 6th Emission and Energy Trading Summit, which will take place on 29 January 2019 in Warsaw. The lecture will refer to the reduction of emissions in LOT Polish Airlines under the EU ETS system. Mateusz works as Fuel Manager, which focuses on the coordination of all fuel processes at LOT Polish Airlines. He conducts activities to implement the best principles and practices in the field of fuel efficiency. More

Rząd przyjął projekt ustawy o promowaniu energii elektrycznej z wysokosprawnej kogeneracji

Rada Ministrów przyjęła projekt ustawy o promowaniu energii elektrycznej z wysokosprawnej kogeneracji. Przewiduje on rozwiązania, które poprawią jakość powietrza oraz zapewnią bezpieczeństwo dostaw ciepła i energii elektrycznej - poinformowało CIR. Projekt przygotowało Ministerstwo Energii. Obecny mechanizm wsparcia energii elektrycznej z wysokosprawnej kogeneracji (oparty na tzw. systemie świadectw pochodzenia) wygaśnie z końcem 2018 r. Nowe rozwiązania zawarte w projekcie ustawy mają wejść w życie 1 stycznia 2019 r. O nowych przepisach rozmawiać będzimey juz 5 grudnia 2018 roku w Warszawie na XI Warsztatach "Nowe zasady wsparcia kogeneracji od 2019 roku". Szkolenie w całości poprowadzi dr Zdzisław Muras. Zapraszamy.

Radosław Kapułka, Legal Advisor at Kancelaria Szostek_Bar i Partnerzy will speak during 8th Smart Communications & Technology Forum

szostek barThe subject of Radosław Kapułka's presentation will be new regulations for the DSO in the light of the amendment to the energy law. It will have a major impact on the functioning of electricity metering and distribution. During the speech, we will learn about the key changes that DSOs must prepare for as a result of the amendment. Radosław Kapułka specializes in civil and administrative proceedings. He has extensive experience in operating entities operating on regulated markets - in particular on the energy market of transmission companies. Judgments given in cases he conducts are published in legal information systems. More

O efektywnej i energooszczędnej dystrybucji ciepła w Grudziądzu

OPEC grudziadz sloganMiło nam poinformować, że Andrzej Surma - Prokurent, Kierownik Działu Marketingu OPEC-SYSTEM potwierdził swoje merytoryczne zaangażowanie w II seminarium pt. "Sieci i węzły cieplne - projektowanie, eksploatacja, modernizacja, wykonawstwo", które odbedzi się się 12 grudnia 2018 w Warszawie. Podczas wydarzenia opowie o obecnie realizowanych projektach w ramach dofinansowania ze środków z POIiŚ 2014-2020 Oś priorytetowa I Zmniejszenie emisyjności gospodarki Działanie 1.5 Efektywna dystrybucja ciepła i chłodu. Inwestycje mają na celu zwiększenie bezpieczeństwa dostaw ciepła dla mieszkańców Grudziądza, zmniejszenie strat ciepła podczas przesyłania i dystrybucji, zmniejszenie zużycia energii pierwotnej, zmniejszenie ubytków nośnika ciepła oraz poprawę stanu środowiska naturalnego poprzez niższą emisję pyłów i gazów do atmosfery. Przysłuży się temu wymiana najstarszych i o najgorszym stanie technicznym odcinków sieci ciepłowniczej oraz modernizacja węzłów cieplnych. Przewidywana wartość projektu to ponad 50 mln. złotych. Więcej...

VI Emission and Energy Trading Summit on January 29, 2019 in Warsaw

VI Emission and Energy Trading Summit
For the sixth time, we invite you to a meeting dedicated to energy trading and CO2 emission allowances. VI Emission and Energy Trading Summit will be held in Warsaw on January 29, 2019. The upcoming, 6th edition is presented to you in a new version including issues of emission reduction in the aviation industry and the introduction of the CORSIA system. As part of the event agenda we will also refer to issues common for: CO2, wholesale energy trading and guarantees of origin. As in previous years, we emphasise the dissemination of information about the conference outside of Poland. Our conference will be a great place to exchange views and present positions of individual entities operating on the market. In the course of the discussion, we will try to agree common problems and work out proposals to solve them. More

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