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Dear Sirs,

As every year, we invite you to the international conference "Smart Communications & Technology Forum - power grid inventory" which will be held on February 27, 2020 in Warsaw. We will meet for the 9th time!

The forum is a cyclical event entirely dedicated to the subject of broadly understood management and exploitation of electricity grid assets. From the beginning, the Forum's main focus are the smart grid implementations in different companies. The main goal is to gather electricity distributors and smart grid experts from many countries in order to exchange experiences on the latest achievements. Each time, the conference participants have the opportunity to verify the state of development and implementation of intelligent technologies in our country in comparison to foreign experiences. The event is the largest meeting of specialists in this field in Poland. During the past eight editions we gathered over 1,600 representatives of the energy distribution and transmission sector from Poland and Europe.

The upcoming 9th edition focuses on the subject of inventory, passporting and network inspection.

Among the most important issues of the event:
  • systems used in energy network passporting and inventory
  • SAP and GIS preparation and implementation
  • data selection for the passporting process
  • inspection of the energy network using drones
  • as-built inventory - geodetic systems
  • management of technical customer service (connections, responding to customer requests, attention to the supply of electricity with appropriate quality parameters)
  • identification of illegal power draws
  • passporting and inventory of the energy network - legal aspects from the Polish and European perspective
  • mapping - linking technical information of energy facilities with location in the field and spatial visualization on background maps
  • EDS (Enterprise Data Server) systems as inventory support
To participate in the event we encourage:
  • Representatives of the energy, IT sectors from Poland and Europe
  • DSO and TSO
  • Investors
  • Suppliers of products and technological solutions
  • Consulting and engineering companies
  • Representatives of banks financing energy investments
  • Representatives of universities and research units
  • Everyone interested in investing in intelligent solutions