CBE Polska

We are an analytical and consulting company specializing in research reports, market analysis and advisory services for the regulated sectors of the economy, such as: energy, oil and gas, coal mining and heavy industry. We are operating on the international markets helping our clients establish business relations on the global scale.

Our services:
  • Providing reports, forecasts and analyses related to investment potential, risk management, development and restructurization of companies
  • Providing business networking services (finding products, solutions and services tailored to customer needs)
  • Advisory services regarding investment processes, purchasing and selling the best solutions and products for the above-mentioned sectors
  • Advisory services with respect to strategy planning for companies already operating on the Polish market as well as for those that are considering entering the Polish energy, oil and gas sectors

One of our activities also includes organizing educational events (industry workshops, conferences and business meetings) for professionals. CBE Polska offers the so-called open business events as well as internal advisory services related to personal and organizational development. We conduct closed training sessions, fully tailored to our customers' needs, based on their goals and expectations.

Besides specialized workshops regarding: changes in regulations, technical and technological aspects of production processes, energy and fuel trading, we annually organize and initiate such international events as:

We have cooperated with institutional partners (European Commission, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Environment, Energy Regulatory Office, embassies, Custom Offices, RECS International etc.). In order to ensure the highest quality of our services we: systematically analyze the market, cooperate with leading experts and companies in each sector. Please check the list of our upcoming events and take advantage of our experts' knowledge.

We would like to invite to become one of business partners!

CBE Polska Team