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Dear Sirs,

A long time ago European Union outline the policy framework for energy from waste. Poland as a member of EU must implement that policy to its own legal system. In opinion of many experts, level of waste management in Poland is delayed by about 10 years compared to the average in the European Union - it is evidenced in research carried out by the European Commission and by non-governmental organizations operating in the renewable energy sector and WTE.
Currently, waste management market requires the creation of a stable and transparent framework for the operation and the necessary support systems. In fact, waste is still a huge, untapped source of secondary raw materials and energy. Using waste as a fuel in high temperature combustion processes is one of the ecologically safe methods of their development. Fuels produced from waste (called alternative fuels) are increasingly used in the industrial sector in the European Union, including energy and heat sector. It is motivated by economic and environmental reasons.
Meanwhile in Poland, the use of solid alternative fuels to produce electricity and heat is negligible as for now. The reason for this is the number of difficulties ( which are a bariers in both, formal and legal nature ) facing energy producer intending to carry out an energy recovery of waste. Specific legal solutions and incentives for greater use of waste to produce electricity and heat should be prepared.

Production of alternative fuels and their use has a lot of advantages for the national economy:
  • increasing the amount of produced electricity from renewable sources,
  • reduction of reported CO2 emission in the energy sector (saving of CO2 emission limits allocated to the sector),
  • increasing the level of waste recovery (meeting the EU expectations in waste management),
  • increasing the revenues of energy producers due to the lower cost of waste fuels to fossil fuels.
Close cooperation between the companies involved in waste management and energy producers to develop a cooperation model is a key element here. Integrated solutions which will ensure process efficiency and will guarantee return on investment cost in time estimated by investors, have to be created.

According to increasing problems of Polish WTE industry and a great interest of a waste, power and heat industries, we invite to participate in the second specialist seminar "Energy from waste. Investments, fuels, technologies" which will be held on 25th March 2014 in Warsaw.

CEWEP The seminar is realized in close cooperation with the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants. CEWEP represents around 380 installations producing energy from waste in Europe - 88% of the whole European market. These systems are able to convert 54 million tons of waste to energy per year by thermally treat (incinerate with energy recovery) household and similar waste that remains after waste prevention, reuse and recycling.
FSB3 EZO The seminar is one of the elements from series of events dedicated to the biomass used for energy purposes. In the series of these events we organize following training courses: biofuels sampling, logistics, combustion side-products as well as the settlement of biofuels for support systems.The culmination of the cycle is annual, international "Forum of biomass combustion" which brings together nearly five hundred people form Poland and abroad as well as the best suppliers for this sector. More...
EZO male First edition of seminar which was held on 3rd October 2013 in Warsaw, has become an international event and gathered about 130 participants. We've cooperated with more than 70 entities from Poland and abroad. In Poland waste-to-energy sector is still developing, that's why experst from Korea, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Finland and Canada have shared with their experience. More...
EZO postulaty The culmination of the seminar, which was held on 3rd October 2013 was formulation of open letter to the Minister of the Environment, Minister of Economy and Head of the Permanent Subcommittee on Waste Management Monitoring. Here (in Polish) we present a list of demands and proposals which were formulated as the official position of Polish "Waste to Energy" industry. Suggestions collected by us concerns issues related to the potential use of waste to produce energy and deficiencies in the regulatory environment that hinder investment. In our opinion, they are worth to take into account while preparing the relevant legislation and support mechanisms. Presenting the list of concrete proposals for regulations, we hope that the specific ministries will take them into account in their work on the new regulations. More
The most important topics of the second edition of seminar:
  • Regulatory environment for investments in waste management, production of alternative fuels and conditions of their use for the production of electricity and heat
  • The most interesting implementation and examples of good practice in the use of waste to produce energy and heat
  • Alternative fuels in the energy sector, heating, cement
  • Environmental aspects associated with waste incineration processes and their use
  • Types of alternative fuels
  • Technologies
  • Models of cooperation between local governments, the municipal sector and potential investors

To participate in the seminar we invite:
  • Energy and heat producers
  • Cement plants and representatives of industrial sector in a broad sense
  • Representatives of the public sector
  • Enterprises form municipal sector
  • Equipment and technology supplier
  • Representatives of investors implementing projects to build Waste Thermal Treatment Plant
  • Manufacturers, recipients of alternative fuels
  • Operators controlling the quality of alternative fuels
  • Waste management plants
  • Companies from the construction sector and project contractors
  • Design and engineering and consulting companies

I'm sure that as in our other projects, also on 25th March we will create a place for interesting substantive experts debate. At the same time we will present the novelties of the market and the most interesting technology solutions.
We invite to cooperation and participation in the seminar!

Maria Przekopowska
Managing Director
CBE Polska