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Due to the growing interest in the future of cogeneration investments, CBE Poland is organizing fifth edition of the Seminar "Development prospects of cogeneration", which will be held on 30th August 2017 in Warsaw.

The seminar will take the form of lectures and discussions. During the event the possibilities of investing in all types of cogeneration will be discussed. During the meeting, experts from the largest energy companies as well as local companies and companies cooperating with them will be present. Experts will analyze the profitability of construction and modernization of individual plants taking into account their size, location and technology. Furthermore, they will comment on the impact of support systems on CHP development, as well as how to read forecasts for investment returns in the face of future power market deployments.

We would like to invite to participate in the seminar the representatives of:
  • Power plants, CHP plants, heat plants
  • Industrial consumers of energy (such as dairies, breweries, meat processing plants, fruit processing plants, wholesalers, supermarkets, greenhouses, etc.)
  • Companies considering the construction / modernization of generation capacity for own sewage treatment plant
  • Non-industrial objects with high demand for electricity and heat / cold (eg large air-conditioned office and residential buildings, hotels, swimming pools, hospitals)
  • Potential investors, suppliers of products and technological solutions
  • Consulting firms and law firms
  • Industrial construction companies and project contractors
  • Banks financing energy investments
  • Government, self-governments, industry chambers and associations

Based on red and yellow certificates, the cogeneration support system is expected to be valid until the end of 2018.

Cogeneration is one of the most effective ways of converting primary energy, and its support is one of the key tools for implementing energy policy both in Poland and in the whole European Union. High-efficiency cogeneration contributes significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions and to the development of renewable electricity generation, as well as to the enhancement of energy security. Cogeneration systems are suitable for most plants where there is a simultaneous demand for electricity and heat. The Energy Efficiency Directive requires EU Member States to develop analyzes concerning the development of combined heat and power sources.

By organizing dozens of training and conference events since 2011, we have made contact with a few thousand experts from the broadly understood energy sector and sectors related.