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JASPERS expert on the financial resources for biomass and WTE investments

Edyta Stankiewicz from JASPERS (Joint Assistance Support Projects in European Regions) joined the group of debate panellists  during the 5th Forum Biomass & Waste, which will take place on 13-14th April 2016 in Warsaw. During the panel will speak about reviewing applications for funding biomasss & waste investments. JASPERS is a joint initiative of the European Commission, the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development aimed at improving the preparation of projects applying for funding from EU funds and EU grants. It is worth mentioning that the JASPERS experts gave their opinions, among others, projects of incinerator in Krakow and Konin.. More...

National Association of Rapeseed Producers becomes the Honorary Patron of 5th Forum of Biomass & Waste

kzprirbWe are pleased to announce that the National Association of Rapeseed Producers and Protein Plants (KZPiRB) became the Honorary Patron of the 5th edition of the Forum of Biomass & Waste, which will be held on 13-14th April in Warsaw. KZPiRB operates, among others, at rationalizing the use of agricultural biomass and biofuel production. More

Maciej Mielniczuk from PGE S.A. in panel debate during the 5th Forum Biomass & Waste

PGEpionMaciej Mielniczuk Maciej Mielniczuk, Head of Regulatory in Strategy and international cooperation department in PGE Polish Energy Group SA joined the group of panellists the V Forum Biomass & Waste, which will be held in April in Warsaw. The speaker is a member of the Polish Electricity Committee (PKEE). He is involved in the work on the Act of RES law -giving opinions on the next version in the legislative and notification of compliance with the internal market to the European Commission. He participates in the work of the Team on Renewable energy , cogeneration and energy efficiency of Energy Trade Association and the RES Council in Lewiatan Confederation . More

Monitoring of harmful pollutants in waste incineration plants OLO AS in Bratislava

OLOAnna Rothbergová, representing the department of environmental protection in the OLO A.S. (Odvoz a likvidácia odpadu a.s. Bratislava), in Slovakia confirmed her lecture during the 5th Forum of Biomass & Waste, which will take place on 13-14th April 2016, in Warsaw. During her speech, she will talk about emission and monitoring of exhaust gas from incinerator. In Slovakia operate two waste incineration plants of which the largest is located in Bratislava. It is managed by the company OLO, whose only shareholder is the City of Bratislava. Installation underwent a complete renovation involving, among others, boilers and 2 incineration lines exchange. The result of the modernization, the cost of which amounted to 68 million Euros, was the installation of two steam boilers equipped with the reverse grids, each with a capacity of approx. 10 Mg/h and a temperature of 850°C combustion. Upgraded were also lines of exhaust gas purification lines, which operates basing on semi-dry method. In sprinkler flue gases are sprayed with water from the 15-percentage of lime milk. After the sprinkler is located filter with activated carbon, which eliminates from the flue gas: dioxins, furans and heavy metals. To separation of solid particles contained in the exhaust gas is used fabric filter. In order to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions is used DENOX installation. More

J.S. Hamilton involves in the V Forum Biomass & Waste

JS Hamilton150We are pleased to announce that J.S. Hamilton Poland joined to the group of V Forum Biomass & Waste sponsors . Event will be held on 13-14th April 2016, in Warsaw. The company experts will give a lecture about audit and authentication of the origin of biomass for energy purposes, according to the new requirements of the Ministry and the Energy Regulatory Office. J.S. Hamilton Poland offers a comprehensive package of services and quality control of the entire logistics chain. The scope of these services involves determining the quantity and quality of biomass in maritime, rail and road transport, the logistics organization, inland and sea freight forwarding and consulting related to this topic. More

The innovative installation of sewage sludge pyrolysis in waste treatment plant, ZOU Elblag

zuo elblagMarian Wojtkowski, Director, ZOU Elblag and Dariusz Kaminski, CEO, Metal Expert confirmed their speech during the 5th Forum of Biomass & Waste, which will be held on 13-14th April 2016, in Warsaw. Experts at the event will speak as representatives of the so-called "small scale". They will discuss experimental, tested now at the Waste treatment plant in Elblag, innovative sewage sludge pyrolysis installation. According to its creators, the project in Elbląg will be the first commercial installation so advanced in Europe and in the world. The test phase ends in June 2016. More

Testchem - sponsor of the 5th edition of the Forum of Biomass & Waste

Bartłomiej Poslednik testchem noweWe are pleased to announce that the company Testchem confirmed its commitment as a Technology partner in the 5th edition of the Forum of Biomass & Waste, which will take place on 13-14th April 2016 in Warsaw. The company is involved in every event within our series of meetings dedicated to the study of quality of solid fuels. The company will be represented by Bartłomiej Poślednik, Technical-Commercial Director, who will give a lecture on practical solutions in RDF sampling. Company main field of activity is production and sale of equipment for sampling and preparation of laboratory representative samples including laboratory mills, crushers, laboratory cooling systems, sampling tools, presses. The company's solutions are used, among others, in the Konin Power Plant and Power Plant Fortum in Czestochowa. During the event the company will also present their solutions at the Exhibition stand. More

Problemy wynikające z ustawy o OZE dla OSD i spółek obrotu

NOZE8 sala

W dniu 26 stycznia 2016 roku w Krakowie odbyła się kolejna - 9 już edycja szkolenia dotyczącego ustawy OZE i szeregu nowych obowiązków dla operatorów systemów dystrybucyjnych oraz spółek obrotu. W trakcie spotkania dyskutowano m.in. o: zakresie obowiązków OSD względem różnego rodzaju instalacji, roli podmiotów w aukcyjnym systemie wsparcia, współpracy OREO, rozliczeniach z odbiorcą przemysłowym.

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