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Dear Sirs,

as in the past years we organize our flag conference dedicated to the energy use of biomass and waste. The 5th edition of the Forum of Biomass & Waste will be held on 13-14th April, 2016 in Warsaw. Strategic Partner and the host of this year's edition is company PGNiG Termika, which in December 2015 year put into operation the installation burning only biomass. In addition, there will also be an side event in the form of the 4th edition of specialist workshop “Sampling and testing quality of alternative fuel, waste and biomass”

Forum of Biomass & Waste, which is being held since 2011, is a series of debates, meetings and accompanying events, with the participation of guests from the Polish and abroad. The discussion and sessions topics cover the most important issues on development of the biomass sector and entities related to the WTE (waste to energy) industry. The main objective of the Forum is to bring together experts from many countries so that they can exchange experiences on the latest developments related to the use of biomass and waste for energy purposes. Forum operates today as a platform for the exchange of current knowledge and an important tool for the transfer of know-how, technology and innovation.
The event every year gathers representatives from a broad spectrum of markets, including the energy industry experts and industry suppliers of biomass, municipal sector representatives, scientists, engineers and technologists, as well as industry organizations, financial institutions and representatives of the government and the administration. Each year, in the Forum taking part from 300 up to 500 participants. The project is a direct continuation of the Forum of Biomass, which at a certain stage of organization we decided to expand with the subject of energy from waste, well known when preparing two editions of the international seminar "Energy from waste. Investments, fuels, technologies".

The upcoming 5th edition of the Forum in 2016 will focus on the possibilities of biomass and waste markets, in particular in the areas of business, legal and technical. Experts will assess biomass resources and alternative fuels on the market and will discuss development policy in light of the new legal reality - the Law on Renewable Energy Sources. As every year, its solutions and products present leading providers of Industry.

To participate in the Forum we invite:
  • Manufacturers of heat and electricity
  • Manufacturers of biomass and biogas
  • Pellets, wood chips and alternative fuels traders
  • Energy intensive industry
  • Public sector units
  • Business municipal sector
  • Solutions and technologies suppliers
  • Representatives of investors implementing projects to build waste incineration plants
  • Entities that control fuel quality
  • Waste management sector
  • Companies from the construction sector and project contractors
  • Design and engineering companies, consultancy and law firms

We believe that during the upcoming 5th Forum of Biomass & Waste we can create a place for interesting substantive debate among experts. We invite you to substantive and image involvement and to participate in an event!

CBE Polska Team