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PGNIG Termika PGNiG TERMIKA is the largest producer of heat and electricity in cogeneration in Poland. From 11th January 2012, the company became part of the PGNiG Group.
Its plants make 11% of the heat produced in Poland, which already reaches 70% of Warsaw residents and 60% of Pruszków, Piastów and Michałowice residents. PGNiG TERMIKA uses cogeneration in production. This effective method makes that the company covers approximately 65% of total demand for electricity in Warsaw.
The heat that is produced by PGNiG Termika is made in five plants: CHP Siekierki and District Heating Plant Kawęczyn; Żerań Power Plant, CHP Wola and Power Plant Pruszków. In total, the company plants annually produce about 4.4 TWh of electricity and 11.3 TWht of heat.
The main fuel used by PGNiG Termika is coal. Gradually, the company replaces it with biomass. In CHP Wola heating oil is used.
The heat that is produced by PGNiG TERMIKA is distributed in two ways: in Warsaw - through district heating grid of Dalkia Warsaw; in Pruszków - through its own heat grid.


FUMAR nowe Fumar Sp. z o.o.

As an independent unit
exists on the market since 2010. The main area of the company's activities is a small industrial power generation, waste heat management and renewable energy sources including. Aim of Fumar activities is to reduce investment costs and shorten the time of its execution. The company works for clients by proposing and implementing favourable technical solutions and the use of alternative devices. Fumar employs  highly qualified staff with experience gained during many years of designing and construction of energy facilities to industrial installations in the country and abroad. The company also specializes in complete selection as boilers, biomass power plants and power plants.


The main area of the company is to implement the latest technical solutions within the power sector, in particular:

  • design work in the power sector
  • construction, renovation and installation of connections and power lines LV and MV
  • construction and installation of MV and LV switchgear and control and distribution cabinets,
  • construction and installation of lighting, strength, control, distribution and lightning,
  • internal electrical installations in buildings
  • construction, modernization and repair of automation control and communication
  • modernization of the existing signaling circuits measurement and control of power stations, and design of this work,
  • measuring and inspection works on power facilities,
  • booting the power devices,
  • partners: Moller, Schneider, OBO Bettermann


CEWEP CEWEP the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants is the umbrella association of the owners and operators of Waste-to-Energy Plants, representing some 394 Waste-to-Energy Plants from 18 European countries. They make up 86% of the Waste-to-Energy capacity in Europe.


Ministerwo energii Ministry of Energy

Resort responsible for supervising the energy market and the economy of mineral deposits. The Ministry was established on December 8th, 2015. (With effect from 27 November 2015). President of the State Mining Authority is also subject to the Minister of Energy.


andritz ANDRITZ GROUP is a global leader in the supply of installations, technologies and services to meet customer needs for power industry, pulp and paper, metal and other specialized industrial plants.
ANDRITZ has financial potential and expertise on a global scale, which enables the company to implement the supply of fully integrated systems anywhere in the world. Specialists of the company provide services in the field of engineering design, supply, supervision of construction and start-up and commissioning. If necessary, the plants can be supplied on a "turnkey" basis.
On the Polish market the company ANDRITZ offers the flue gas cleaning systems and multifuel steam boilers:
  • Wet flue gas desulphurization plants/ lime-gypsum
  • Semi-dry flue gas cleaning technologies TurboSorp/ Turbo-CDS
  • DeNOx systems/ selective catalytic reduction (SCR)
  • Multi-stage treatment systems, eg. for waste incineration plants
  • Steam boilers with a circulating fluidized bed (CFB-PowerFluid)
  • Steam boilers with stationary fluidized bed (BFB-EcoFluid)


testchem nowe Since 1990 Testchem company produces devices for chemical laboratories. We offer wide range of products for gathering and preparing representative samples, mainly: laboratory grinders, laboratory crushers, cooling systems, samplers, presses.


JS Hamilton J.S. Hamilton Poland Group is a unique example of professional organization in Europe which combines a wide spectrum of analytical testing carried out in own laboratories around the world with inspection services and consulting. J.S. Hamilton S.A. is an independent company substantively competent to carry out the assessment and verification of the origin of biomass for energy purposes, with significant experience in this sector, particularly in controlling the quantity and quality of wood raw material due to the classification of the quality-dimensional, laboratory testing and sampling. Competences of the company are confirmed by multiple references and accreditation of Polish Centre for Accreditation - AK 011 in terms of quantity and quality of wood raw material as well as sampling and AB 079 in the field of research laboratory of biomass. The company also offers expertise and consulting to the correctness of documenting origin of biomass raw for energy purposes, with particular focus on the new requirements of URE, including audits of the manufacturing sites and authentication of origin.


ENERGOPOMIAR Power Research & Testing Company „ENERGOPOMIAR” Ltd was created in 1950. The company provides measurement services, research and advisory services for power, heating, various branches of industry and municipal sector. The main areas of activity are: environmental protection, thermal processes, energy efficiency, energy chemistry and diagnostics, chemical analysis and physical-chemical, supervision and investment advice.

Energopomiar range of services includes: research, measurement and diagnostics of power equipment, installation of air protection equipment water and sewage management in energy and industry. ENERGOPOMIAR offers advice on equipment operation, energy efficiency, green energy and cogeneration, systems implementation and technical-economic TKE® control operation, measurement, research and consultancy in the field of environmental protection (from measurements of emissions and noise, by advice of the waste management and  combustion by-products, environmental monitoring, to prepare reports on the impact on the environment, integrated permits and settlement of ecological effects). The Company's operations also includes the analysis of the chemical and physico-chemical properties (fuel, soil, water and sewage, etc.),etching, chemical cleaning and blowing a pair of electrical equipment and installations, destructive testing and non-destructive, corrosion tests, control circuits, water and steam, as well as comprehensive services on physico-chemical measurement systems, as well as technical  and formal and legal advice in investment process management and services of Contract Engineer and Independent Technical Advisor.

Boson Boson Energy develops, builds and integrates impact technologies of energy solution. Our solutions result in creating of  growth and prosperity in the local communities. At the core of what we do are distributed, resilient, and affordable thermal solutions . Our IMBY (In My Back Yard) solutions are based on the gasification of local solid fuels. We produce green, low-emission energy. We use smart system solutions. We offer the generation of power and thermal energy in scale : 1 MWe + 1.8 MW of heat with the possibility of exchange to cold. Boson Energy is the global company and especially focus on markets include: Germany, Poland, India and South Africa.

BIOCONTROL Sp. o.o. is the owner and founder of the National System of Biomass Verification, which is described in the SWP-SNS:2015 standard.

MZGOK konin Municipal Waste Management Department in Konin has developed a model eco-friendly strategy, the implementation of which contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution. The company operates three modern sorting lines that allow to gain back recyclable materials. For the same purpose is organized and conducted by the plant throughout the city the selective collection of waste. In order to properly and effectively carry out selective waste collection facility purchased and placed at Konin's housing areas over three thousand containers. Organic waste segregation is carry on in households, by providing the small containers for the collection of bio to the residents and by setting in special waste collection points the bulk containers for bio waste. From obtained in that way organic waste plant produces compost which is used for the reclamation of degraded land and maintain the greenery. MZGOK also conducts extensive, variety of pro ecological and educational activities for the residents of the city and region of Konin. For this goal, in collaboration with the District Environmental Education Center on the facility site was created a lab equipped with modern computers and audio-visual equipment, in which hundreds of people each year participate in the workshops about environmental sustainability. To encourage residents of Konin to actively participate in the selective collection, facility conducts various information and education activities such as: the distribution of calendars, leaflets about ecology as well as via the website and local media.


pigo Polish Chamber of Waste Management (Polish: PIGO) was established 14 April 2003 as an organization of self-government by 145 companies engaged in waste management and municipal health. PIGO is based on the Law on Chambers of Commerce, which provides a basic implementation of statutory objectives, it is represent and protect the interests of the industry to the state authorities of other national and international organizations, and to create conditions for the development of enterprise in waste management.
The Board strives to be in line with market economy principles and sustainable development through environmental legal and economic mechanisms, have been promoted in this field: modern technology community, reducing waste at the source of their creation, the development of systems recovery, recycling and safe for humans and the environment disposal. PIGO supports business initiatives and members organizations. Allows entreprises to participate in the creation of law, promoting high standards of safety for humans and the environment and health care (best available technology), supports development of professional municipal services entrepreneurship and market and industry waste processing.
PIGO is an opne organization - all companies operating in the market may accede to organization (under the terms of the Articles of Association) regardless of the size or form of ownership. The cooperation and membership, PIGO welcomes in particular businesses dealing with waste disposal, recycling organizations, purification urban waste and the incineration, landfill, hardware and equipment for the collection, transport and treatment of waste and cleaning.


oigr Ogólnopolska Izba Gospodarcza Recyklingu (eng. Polish Commerce Chamber of Recycling) was registered 25.11.1999 and currently has over 100 members (active and passive) - mostly small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. The main tasks of OIGR include: representing the interests of businesses and associated economic self against government administration; actions to protect the environment through: striving to establish a nationwide system for collecting waste for recycling, the method of financing the development of selective waste collection, a nationwide public education in the field of protection of the environment with particular emphasis on waste management and cooperation between regional and national economic policies for recovery and recycling of waste, taking part in the work of the state administration sectors, local government institutions and consultative advisory and legislative initiatives, with particular reference to waste management and also encouraging members of chamber in the country and abroad through exhibitions, fairs, shows, seminars etc.; fulfilling functions of service, information and advisory to members of OIGR. Basic targets of OIGR are: co-creation and implementation of national and regional programs raising environmental awareness, supporting companies in the waste sector, representation of the interests of the companies involved in the collection and recycling of waste to state and local government bodies and other institutions, which affect the operating conditions associated in the Chamber of operators, increasing reliability of OIGR and associated companies and improving their image, protecting the environment through proper waste management, including minimizing the amount of waste sent to landfill, reducing the consumption of natural resources through the use of waste as raw materials for further production, using the latest techniques in order to reduce emissions and preventing the creation of pollution.


GIG-logo The basic areas of GIG (CENTRAL MINING INSTITUTE) activities constitute: mining engineering, environmental engineering, problems relating to quality, education and training. GIG is one of the most acknowledged partners in such areas of activities as waste management, raw materials recycling, energy audits as well as modernization of energy economy of municipalities and enterprises, optimization of water supply and sewage disposal, environmental monitoring, Cleaner Production programme, programmes of sustainable development of municipalities (rural districts), and regions. Institute is a leading research organization working in clean-coal technology fields such as coal-bed methane, underground coal gasification, carbon capture and storage, shale gas.