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Dear Sirs,

From 2013 year there will appear a new instrument in Poland. The instrument that uses both market mechanism and supports energy efficiency- so called White Certificates.The participants of the system will be the wide and various group of entities from different branches as well as the ones that not necessarily had experience in the energy market, or with tendering procedures. According to declarations of Ministry of Economics, the tendering system for pro-effective investments supported by so called white certificates will enter into force from 1st January 2012 and will last until 31st December 2015. The dual character of the system means that:

  • it will be obligatory for the entities obliged in the regulation- for companies that sell energy, heat and gas to final consumers. White certificates will have to be presented to President of Energy Regulatory Office. If the obligation cannot be completed sufficiently, there will be financial consequences.
  • it will be a sort of bonus for companies that will be able to prove certain amount of energy savings.

Because both obliged and interested units don't have enough knowledge in the topic of the new system, we would like to present you the 5th edition of the workshop connected to the topic of support system: "White certificates according to the new executive regulation" which will be held on 5th December 2012 in Warsaw. The lecturer of the workshop is Dr. Zbigniew Muras, who has worked for Energy Regulatory Office, who, before as Director of Department of Energy Companies, and now as Director of Regulatory Department supervises matters such as cancelling, issuing and flow of all the "colourful certificates".

The programme of the event is based on executive regulations to the Energy Efficiency Law. At the event there will be presented solutions connected to realization of new obligation as well as there will be discussed the each stage of scheme presented below regarding white certificates.

Unit Actions taken
President of Energy Regulatory Office At least once per year President announces the Tendering for energy-saving ventures defining at the same time the value of energy certificates which are to be issued
The entity that wants to obtain certificates The entity applies by tendering declaration together with energy effectiveness audit for a venture and defines the value of certificate ( in toe) and a value of energy effect – ratio of energy savings per year (in connection to venture realization) and the value of energy efficiency
Energy Regulatory Office, with the Tendering Commission Organizes the Tendering and provides certificates in order to the declared value of energy effect until the number of certificates Energy Regulatory Office energy efficiency issue a certificate awarded at the tendering.
The unit – the one that received a certificate Realizes a venture in accordance to the declaration, then inform the President of Energy Regulatory Office about the termination of the venture and presents an audit of energy efficiency confirming that there was obtained the same amount of saved energy as declared.
President of Energy Regulatory Office Confirms that the certificate issued for the project entitled realized transferable property rights, which are a commodity exchange
The unit- the one that received a certificate Can sell the certificate to energy company and that is why a certificate is to be trade in a stock exchange.
Energy companies K Buy energy certificates and present it to Energy Regulatory Office as a prove of realization of energy savings obligation. The President of Energy Regulatory Office cancels these certificates.

Among the most important issues you will find:

  • Identification, scope of obligation and exceptions in accordance to particular units and particular cases
  • The list and the types of entities and projects that are not required but can take advantage of the new system of white certificates
  • Information on the competitiveness of various energy-saving technologies, which will increase your chances of winning and get the maximum bonus in relation to the workload
  • Tender procedures:
    • The choice of projects, deadlines, submitting an application, form, frequency
    • Who can and who can not stand up for tender?
    • Scenarios of possible decisions in the tendering and factors affecting the final result
  • The system of flow and the issue of white certificates:
    • When shall the President of the Energy Regulatory Office issue a certificate of efficiency and he can refuse?
    • The issuing of WC for unrealized projects
  • The role of audit and auditors in the process of obtaining certificates
  • Which should the efficiency audit include?
  • Who can make a performance audit? - The specific requirements for auditors
  • Settlement of the obligation, and a system of penalties
  • Mandatory penalties
  • Basic reason for penalties

We would like to invite to participate the following units:

  • Energy, Gas, Heat Traders
  • Local governments and governmental units obliged to implement at least two energy efficiency improving means from the catalogue in the regulation
  • Real estate units, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, production companies and services sector
  • Companies that increased use of energy because of modern technologies investments
  • Units that realized such investments as:
    • isolation of industrial installation
    • Modernization of: lighting, devices and installation used in industrial process, local heating networks and local heating sources
    • Limitation of reactive power flows, network losses in linear sequences, losses in transformers
  • Entities that use for heating or cooling energy from renewable energy sources (produced in their own installations or coming from the network).

Take advantage of our expertise! Since the beginning of 2011, in the field of energy certificates we have already trained nearly a thousand professionals from the following sectors: energy, heating, gas , industrial sector, consulting firms and law firms.