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Corporate Power Purchase Agreement
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Ladies and gentlemen,

due to the wide interest in the potential of PPAs, we invite you to participate in the 5th online seminar "Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)", which will be held on 22th October, 2020. The main objective of the event is to exchange experience of experts from Poland and abroad seeking to define barriers and the possibility of implementing PPAs on the Polish market. Four previous editions of the seminar on PPA agreements are already behind us, bringing together over 370 specialists!

The Power Purchase Agreement is nothing more than a long-term contract for the purchase of electricity directly from the producer of energy from renewable sources. This is beneficial not only for environmental reasons (low emissions), but also for business, because it is the possibility of long-term supply of electricity at a fixed price. PPAs are increasingly popular in Europe where companies are using them to secure a fixed price for power with guaranteed environmental benefits. These voluntary agreements can also play a critical role in accelerating the growth of renewables in markets where there’s little to no subsidy provided. In Poland, renewable PPAs will aid the country in reaching its 2030 country goal of 21% renewable energy generation.

Various types of PPA contracts are possible:
  1. on-site - the producer's renewable energy installation is located directly at the recipient's installation, for example a solar installation on the roof of the factory.
  2. near site direct wire - the RES installation is located in the nearby vicinity of the recipient, and electricity is sent via a dedicated distribution line.
  3. off site - produced electricity from RES installations is sent to the recipient via the transmission / distribution line of the network operator. Off-site contracts for PPAs may occur in various variants, eg multi-seller (several RES producers sell energy to one recipient based on one contract) and multi-buyer (one energy producer sells energy on the basis of one contract concluded with several recipients).
Among the most important issues of the event:
  • Regulatory environment of PPAs
  • The scope and construction of PPAs
  • Potential beneficiaries
  • Opportunities, barriers and risks of implementing PPA in Poland
  • PPA as an alternative to the RES auction
  • European experience
  • Energy balancing under the PPA agreement
  • PPA as an opportunity for investment development of energy producers from RES
  • PPA as a certificate of creditworthiness of a renewable energy producer
We invite to participate:
  • large industrial energy consumers
  • RES energy sector (in particular PV and wind)
  • rading companies
  • investors, developers
  • consulting and engineering companies
  • representatives of law firms
  • representatives of banks financing energy investments
  • DSO
Benefits of Attending
  • Understand the link and importance of the PPA within the project set-up
  • Learn how to analyse a PPA hands-on
  • Understand the key provisions of a PPA and its impact on project financing
  • Anticipate and mitigate risks through the PPA process
  • Learn how to identify red flags within the PPA, both from seller and buyer’s side