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Ministerstwo Energii Ministry of Energy - Polish government administration office serving the minister responsible for two departments of government administration: energy and the economy of mineral deposits.
nmg NMG S.A. is an expert in providing professional IT solutions, in particular, products related to mass data acquisition, production management, industrial automation and building management (BMS) and energy management and optimizing the consumption of all energy media. NMG S.A. consist of experienced team of staff who has specialized in complex projects for the last several years, especially in the field of mass data acquisition, production process management and energy management, and automation and control. The solutions offeredby NMG S.A. are tailored to the individual needs and conditions of the Clients. NMG S.A., working with its clients, specialize s in creating so-called. Turnkey projects - from concept, through implementation to product launch. In addition, NMG S.A. assists its customers in operating and maintaining systems, provides further development, and advises and trains client staff. The implementation projects delivered by NMG S.A. are based on two copyright Platforms - ERCO.Net and origAMI. The origAMI Platform is an excellent tool for mass metering and measurement infrastructure management, which is extremely important in AMR, AMI and Smart Grid systems. ERCO.Net platform supports production management, energy media management in enterprises and institutions and controls the objects. NMG S.A. is also a SaaS provider, which means that it offers solutions via the web platform. In addition, NMG S.A. is a manufacturer and supplier of a unique line of hardware products used to collect, record and transmit data and control objects, NMG S.A. also cooperates with leading manufacturers of measurement equipment used by energy customers and suppliers of telecommunication and network solutions that are an essential part of the infrastructure of deployed systems. NMG S.A. during the period of its activity built the recognizable brands ERCO.Net and origAMI and obtained numerous references and awards in Poland and abroad. Competence and quality of works and projects resulted in NMG S.A. trusted many customers. Throughout the lifetime of the NMG S.A. has delivered more than five hundred projects of its own solutions, in different size companies and institutions with very different business profile.


asseco Thanks to experience and specialist competences, Asseco Poland is a reliable technology partner of the majority of energy companies operating in Poland. The company provides solutions that allow measurable reduction of operating costs, improve its operation and increase competitiveness. It also implements projects for centralization / migration of large data volumes. Is the leader of the Polish market and has about 65% share in it. In addition, nearly 60% of energy bills on the domestic market are generated based on the company's proprietary billing systems.
Asseco Poland is the largest Polish IT company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. For over 25 years, he has been creating technologically advanced software for companies from key sectors of the economy. The company is present in over 54 countries around the world and employs over 24 thousand. people. It is the largest supplier of modern IT solutions in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, in the Truffle 100 ranking, in 2015 it was ranked sixth among the largest software producers in Europe.


psi PSI Poland uses its proprietary products to deliver and integrate complete IT solutions for the power industry (electrical power networks as well as gas and fuel pipelines), manufacturing (the metalworking, automotive and machine building industries), logistics and public transport. Established in 1969, PSI employs more than 1,700 workers around the world. By remaining fully independent of major software producers, PSI is in a position to offer extensive technological autonomy and flexibility to its customers. PSI also complies with all standards and best practices adopted in the IT industry. PSI’s innovative IT systems have become model solutions in many fields.


piszcz Piszcz i Wspólnicy Law Firm belongs to the leading law firms in Wielkopolska, many times appreciated in prestigious rankings. They provide services to clients from all over the country, running projects in the areas of energy, real estate, investment and construction, personal data protection, public transport, waste management and tax consultancy. Our team consists of specialists in various areas of law, with many years of multidisciplinary experience. As part of the energy specialization, the lawyers of the Firm resolve legal problems of sellers and distributors related to their licensed activities, including concerning the principles of customer service, development and operation of the network as well as the purchase and sale of electricity, heat and gas. The law firm supports clients in the implementation of investments in renewable energy sources from the planning stage (obtaining the necessary administrative decisions), through the construction of legal structures necessary to optimize the production and sale of energy to the daily functioning of the local energy market. The law firm also specializes in serving the energy clusters. It helps in their creation and subsequent operation, and in particular, supports the activities of coordinators during the performance of concession obligations.


SOLAR Naturalna Energia Sp. z o.o. is in Poland the exclusive partner, supplier, and operator of microbiogas plants produced by the Belgian company BIOLECTRC NV, fed with a homogeneous, waste substrate originating from the following sectors:
  • Agricultural (breeders of dairy cattle, pigs and poultry),
  • Food processing,
  • Small communal municipal wastewater treatment plants.
In Poland, 20 microbiological installations are already working or are in the start-up phase, and more are at the preparation stage. The range of power outputs of individual micro-biogas plants is in the range of 11/22/33/40 kWe. These installations are characterized by full automation of operating processes and stable, round-the-clock electricity production in the range of 80 to 340 MWhe per year, by one device. The full investment cycle up to the moment of commissioning does not exceed 3 months.



omega The mission of Omega Innovations is to provide customers with the most modern, innovative and highly cost-effective thermal energy storage by building aa smart and secure distributed energy infrastructure. Through the use of ICE-ON ™, as shown by the studies carried out, the costs of cooling and greenhouse gas emissions to the environment are reduced, while offering comfort to the user.

ICE-ON ™ manages demand and supply of energy, by moving energy use from rush hour to off-peak hours to manage air conditioning and cooling loads, and integrating renewable energy sources into the network. The solution increases the resilience and stability of power grids, eliminates or delays costly upgrades of electricity transmission networks and flattens the peak of electricity consumption during the day. The developed ICE-ON ™ multiple management systems as ICE-ON-NET ™ enable the Virtual Power Plant (VPP), which remotely controls devices connected in the network, which act as a buffer in power networks. Installing ICE-ON ™ is a cost-effective, clean environmentally-friendly and intelligent solution that ensures maximum efficiency and increases the reliability of electricity supply to customers.
The advantages of ICE-ON ™ ESS, compared to, for example, chemical batteries, are lower price and operating costs, ecological performance and constant power over the entire service life (planned for 25 years).


ncbr eng The National Centre for Research and Development is the implementing agency of the Minister of Science and Higher Education. It was appointed in the summer 2007 as an entity in charge of the performance of the tasks within the area of national science, science and technology and innovation policies. When if was founded, it was the first entity of this type, created as the platform of an effective dialogue between the scientific and business communities.
Currently, it operates under the Act on National Centre for Research and Development dated 30 April 2010 (Journal of Laws from 2010, No. 96 item 616). The science reform adopted in the autumn 2010 gave the Centre more freedom to manage its financial assets, within the scope of a strategic research programme.
In addition, the National Centre for Research and Development extended its activity with new initiatives and possibilities on 1 September 2011. Assigned by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education the function of the Mediation Institution in three operational programmes: Human Capital, Innovative Economy and Infrastructure and Environment, the Centre became one of the greatest innovation centres in Poland.
The activity of the Centre is funded by the national treasury and the European Union.


apator Apator SA creates a capital group, operating in the field of gas, water, heat and electricity metering, switchgear and IT systems for electricity, water and gas networks. The group includes more than a dozen companies, both domestic and foreign, whose activity is focused on the production and sale of modern equipment and measuring systems, control and measurement equipment, distribution and control equipment, SCADA-class information systems and devices cooperating with them, providing the possibility of remote control and supervision of the power grid in the full range of voltages. Apator is one of the three largest entities of this type on the Polish market and a leading, recognized supplier on selected prospective foreign markets. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1997.


innsoft INNSOFT Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company with almost 30 years' experience and an established position as a leader in IT services for the energy market. Since our founding, we create and deliver software to companies in the electricity and gas sector, supporting their activities and helping to solve problems that occur during every reorganization of the industry and the evolution of the Energy Market. We offer proprietary IT systems that cover the acquisition and meter data management (AMI), market information exchange, support electricity and gas trade, risk management, electricity and gas demand forecasting, retail market settlements, as well as extensive analytics.


kke Karkonoski Energy Cluster was founded on April 4, 2017. The members of the energy cluster are among others: Association of Karkonoskie Communes - represents the interests of 7 communes located in the Jelenia Góra poviat (Commune: Karpacz, Kowary, Mysłakowice, Podgórzyn, Szklarska Poręba, Piechowice, Jeżów Sudecki) , TAURON Ekoenergia sp. Z o. O - Coordinator of the cluster, or Karkonoskie Centrum Gospodarki Odpadami sp. O.o. The cluster's mission is to improve the natural environment, reduce low emissions, ensure access to alternative energy sources, and strengthen the local economy based on natural environmental values. The cluster allows, among other things, the rental of electric cars for tourists.
Ostrowski Klaster Energii
Ostrów Wielkopolski has created an energy cluster that will ultimately be based on prosuments, manufacturers - entrepreneurs, residents, municipal companies with an intelligent energy management system and with the use and development of the local electricity and heat distribution system. The energy self-sufficiency of the city focuses today on strategic facilities: water and sewage, heat, health care including hospitals, schools and kindergartens, offices, territorial defense forces and shelters as well as key factories. Based on the previous projects, Ostrów Wielkopolski has a development plan based on Residents, Entrepreneurs and the municipal capital group CRK. To this end, a decision was made to establish CRK Energia. Its main goal is the self-sufficiency of the City, and maybe also the Municipalities of the District - in Odolanów, a power hub for domestic transport is being developed - the transmission and production of domestic gas. The city has a fleet of 5 electric buses (operational from January 2018), which ultimately may become part of the system, which also have energy stores.
innovation AG Innovation AG - active member of Zgorzelec Energy Cluster. Innovation AG is a company operating in the innovative industry. It cooperates with scientists, engineers and young talents from universities and scientific institutions from across Poland. It supports and develops projects of talented inventors. Implemented projects: SOKÓŁ - a universal electric field platform; MOTION CAPTURE HD - a system for capturing and tracking moving or stationary objects; R3D - the only device in the world that allows you to get a full 3D image, while eliminating the need to use any glasses.
Zgorzelecki Klaster Zgorzelec Energy Cluster operates a fleet of 5 electric cars, and conducts R & D activities to further develop e-mobility and energy storage. The main goals of the cluster are:
  • Solid and sustainable development of the renewable energy sector
  • Improving the energy security of the region
  • Easy power regulation in the network - balancing demand and supply
  • Effective system for generation, distribution and consumption of energy
  • Partial securing of energy needs of the poviat / cluster members with the use of RES functioning in the poviat
  • Consumption of 100% of the energy generated within the Cluster for the own needs of the poviat / cluster members
  • Increasing awareness and development of prosumer energy industry among the inhabitants of the Zgorzelec poviat
brenergia Energy Cluster Brenergia was founded in the Brenna community. Currently, the demand for energy in this commune is almost entirely covered by conventional energy sources. Because of the tourist character of the community, the cluster's partners plan to invest in renewable energy sources in order to cover the forecasted increase in energy demand. Cluster participants will invest in research and development of the latest renewable energy techniques, as well as energy storage infrastructure, including pumped storage power plant. In the near future, a network of electric cars for rental is planned for tourists, as well as other e-mobility solutions.
Stedin i ElaadNL - energy storage and e-mobility

One of the projects that Stedin and ElaadNL have partner to commission together an e-mobility and energy storage peoject is the Cars Jeans Stadion in The Hague, Netherlands. They build there a vast battery plant tied to electric vehicle charging stations, showcasing the versatile business opportunities that battery storage offers whilst facilitating the energy transition.
The batteries will store electricity produced by the stadium’s solar panels, to be used during night time. This means that the stadium will be 100 percent energy self-sufficient.
In addition, the stored energy will be used to charge electric vehicles through the installation of a charging hub comprised of 20 charge points fostering the deployment of emission-free vehicles across the city.
Sander Drissen from one of the firms working on the project explained how the it will work: “This project is truly unique in the combination of use cases. We will use the battery to store the oversupply of renewable energy generated during the day”. “This energy can then be used in the evenings when it is most needed. In this way, we make optimal use of the generated renewable energy”. “We will also smooth out the grid impact of a large number of electric vehicles that plug-in at the same location at the same time. And finally, when the stadium is not being used, we can use the storage system for energy trading to further improve our business case”, he added. In a nutshell, the energy project represents a micrography of the smart energy grids of the future.
Zywiecki Klaster Energy Cluster Żywiecka Energia Przyszłościwas formally established on February 9, 2017, by signing a civil-legal contract regarding the cooperation of participants. The contract was signed by over 20 entities, including the Inter-Commune Association for Ecology in Żywiec, which acts as the Cluster Leader, local governments, University of Business in Dąbrowa Górnicza as a representative of the scientific community, local entrepreneurs and companies from the energy and IT industry, amongst others Tauron Dystrybucja, Centrala Zaopatrzenia Hutnictwa S.A., and i-Energia. The cluster is tasked with:
  • planning, production, distribution of electricity trading and balancing of energy demand within a distribution network with a rated voltage of less than 110 kV,
  • planning, production, coordination and distribution of thermal energy, in particular produced in combination,
  • using renewable energy sources in the energy economy of Żywiec with particular consideration of the potential of local energy resources (sources),
  • creating and implementing projects in the field of electromobility,
  • improvement of energy efficiency in public resources, enterprise sector, local communities and residents,
  • planning, coordination and implementation of tasks aimed at reducing and eliminating low emissions in housing resources, public facilities and enterprises.
Tauron Dystrybucja TAURON is an energy holding company in Poland. It is headquartered in Katowice. The company owns power and heat generation and distribution, and coal mining assets through a number of companies, particularly in south-western Poland.
TAURON Distribution S.A. is a crucial member of the TAURON Group. It is involved in the distribution of electric energy with the use of its grid in the southern region of Poland.
renewables-grid The Renewables Grid Initiative is a unique collaboration of NGOs and TSOs from across Europe. We promote transparent, environmentally sensitive grid development to enable the further steady growth of renewable energy and the energy transition.
klaster Grudziadz Klaster OZE Grudziądz - Obszar Zrównoważony Energetycznie (Grudziądz Renewable Energy Cluster - Sustainable Energy Area) was created to integrate the potentials and entities related to the energy market, in particular to the RES market and energy management in order to create a cooperation network between public and private entities. The OZE Cluster Grudziądz is an agreement of local self-government, municipal companies, a local association from the business environment area and entrepreneurs from the city of Grudziądz dealing in production, distribution, consumption and trading in electricity and heat. The coordinator of the OZE Cluster Grudziądz is TRMEW Obrót Sp. z o.o. electricity trading company.