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Green Hydrogen from renewable in Poland

Christian WEINBERGER Christian Weinberger, Senior Adviser - Advanced Industrial Technologies/ Hydrogen Coordinator, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs , European Commission

Christian Weinberger joined the European Commission in 1999 to work on technical harmonisation in the Common Market, using the New Approach with CE-marking and harmonized EN Standards. In 2003 he was appointed Head of Unit dealing with Entrepreneurship policy, identifying and disseminating good practices and preparing Commission Communications on SME topics. In 2008 he was named Entrepreneurship and SME Policy Advisor. During 2016 and 2017 he was Adviser to the Danube Region Macroregional Strategy promoting its business dimension.Since 2018 he is Senior Adviser on Advanced Industrial Technologies and Hydrogen Co-ordinator for DG Internal Market, Industry, SMEs & Entrepreneurship. Before joining the European Commission, Christian Weinberger worked for 10 years with a large multinational corporation in Marketing, Sales, Finance and Special Business Operations in various countries and at European HQ. He then co-founded an international SME in Information Technology and was its CEO for 9 years. Being a native Austrian, Christian Weinberger holds a Master of Physics in Engineering, an MBA and a Ph.D. in Economics.
Emanuele Taibi Emanuele Taibi, Power Sector Transformation Strategies, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Emanuele Taibi joined IRENA in 2013. He is based with the IRENA Innovation and Technology Center in Bonn, Germany. He is responsible for assisting Member Countries in devising strategies for the transformation of the power sector, currently managing the work on power system flexibility, hydrogen and storage as enablers for the integration of variable renewable energy. After his first years working for large energy companies and research institutions, he spent over ten years working as an international civil servant in different countries and institutions, including the United Nations. He has a PhD in Energy Technology, a M.Sc. in Management Engineering (laude) and is a chartered industrial engineer from Italy.
Jean-Louis Kindler Jean-Louis Kindler, CEO, Ways2H Inc

Jean-Louis Kindler is CEO of Ways2H, a leading commercial provider of Waste-to-Hydrogen solutions for mobility and grid applications. A veteran of the environmental technology industry who has pioneered award-winning water, waste and renewable energy systems, Jean-Louis and his team are developing projects that transform the world’s worst waste - MSW, plastics, medical refuse - into clean energy and fuel. Jean-Louis is also Co-Founder and CEO of cleantech management company Clean Energy Enterprises, which created Ways2H as a joint venture with Japan Blue Energy Corp. Previously, Jean-Louis was president of OriginClear Inc.’s Technology Division, a leading provider of water treatment solutions, where he led commercial development of a breakthrough water treatment technology. Jean-Louis is still a member of OriginClear’s board of directors. Before joining OriginClear, Jean-Louis was co-founder and chief technology officer of Ennesys, an award-winning French biotech company, where he designed an innovative waste-to-energy system and hosted French President François Hollande during a 2013 state visit to the company. Jean-Louis earlier served as founding CEO of MHS Equipment, a French nanotechnologies equipment manufacturer, where he led the development of a new fuel cell components manufacturing process. Jean-Louis started his 30-year career in the cleantech sector in Japan, as principal of technology incubator Pacific Junction. His work there included technology sourcing for the French industrial group GEC-Alsthom, building the first version of the BLUE Tower waste-to-hydrogen commercial unit, and providing market development for a fluids-mixing technology. Jean-Louis holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Public Policy from the Institute of Political Studies (Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Lyon) in Lyon, France, and an MBA in International Management from the ISG Business School (Institut Supérieur de Gestion) in Paris.
Outi Ervasti, Vice President, Renewable Hydrogen and PtX, at Neste Innovation, Finland

Outi Ervasti, M.Sc (Econ), eMBA, is Vice President, Renewable Hydrogen and PtX, at Neste Innovation, Espoo Finland. She is responsible with her team for successful application of technologies enabling renewable hydrogen and e-fuel production and the related business development at Neste. Before joining Neste Group in 2013  she has worked as an Advisor to Pulp and Paper, Chemicals and Energy industries, focusing on investment strategies.
Dorota Toczyska Dorota Toczyska, Project Manager, the National Centre for Research and Development

Project Manager in the Department of Communication and Promotion Support. I have been professionally involved in UE funds for over 9 years. I am currently coordinating all educational projects addressed to future Beneficiaries of NCBR competitions (trainings, workshops, webinars and apps - Innovation Assistant and Budget Assistant).
Marek Grzegorzewicz Marek Grzegorzewicz, SME, Management Consulting - Infrastructure and Energy, KPMG

Marek has more than 30 years of experience in the development and implementation of industrial and service projects and business management. His business focus in this industry is related to projects in the areas covered by the obligation to obtain practically all energy concessions. The key areas of his activity include issues related to co-generation systems, distribution, transmission, storage of electricity, heat and gas. At KPMG, Marek is responsible for consulting energy infrastructure projects together with the Energy Consultancy Team, which he leads. He supports projects implemented throughout Europe, with particular emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe. In the recent period of his professional work he has bee focusing mainly on projects in the field of cogeneration systems, gaining extensive experience in conducting projects within the framework of modern energy strategies, in particular projects that required a combination of technical, financial, regulatory and transactional knowledge. The team lead by Marek, specializes in the creation and valuation of modern technological concepts for projects covering, among others, issues concerning the generation of electricity in highly-efficient cogeneration, trigeneration, renewable installations and technologies for energy storage, its distribution and sales. Regardless of technological knowledge, the services provided by KPMG teams also includes the analysis and organization of sources for energy investment.
Pawel Grzegorzewicz Paweł Grzegorzewicz, Senior Consultant, Management Consulting - Infrastructure and Energy, KPMG

Paweł specializes in technical and economic analyses of sustainable energy systems and distributed technologies. His expertise is mainly related to strategic investment projects in the area of supply of utilities, and daily client support in the field of business consulting with particular emphasis on customers, mainly manufacturing companies. In recent years Paweł Grzegorzewicz has also supported clients in evaluating energy markets, using his experience and academic knowledge - he University College London graduate specializing in energy market modelling. He is also an engineer specializing in heat and cogeneration, with experience gained both in design companies and power plants. His skills and international experience allow him to organize and manage energy projects for distributed technologies, which include the latest technological solutions, supported by modelling and technical-economic analysis. Together with the Team, he also develops strategic projects for industry aimed at sustainable decarbonization of, among others, cogeneration sources. In the field of R&D and innovation projects, in recent years it has been preparing proposals and applications for projects and grants from the European Commission (DG Energy, DG ENV), Horizon 2020 (Innovative Energy Management for Distributed Island Systems) and Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking
Maciej Piliński Maciej Piliński, PhD, Sales Manager Solar Energy, Fronius Polska

For almost 10 years, he has been gaining experience in the photovoltaic market in Poland, of which he is an active participant. He is an independent expert, member of many associations, author of numerous publications and presentations. At Fronius Polska, he deals among other with promoting solutions related to the production of "green" hydrogen.
Izabela Samson-Bręk Izabela Samson-Bręk, Quality and Sustainable Development Director, National Chamber of Biofuels

She is a graduate of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw (MSc in environmental protection, specialization: technologies in environmental protection). In 2019, she obtained a doctorate in engineering and technical sciences at the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology. Employee of the Institute of Environmental Protection-National Research Institute in Warsaw and the Polish Chamber of Biofuels. She specializes in environmental life cycle analysis (LCA) and carbon footprint calculation as well as sustainable production of fuels and biofuels.