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7th Forum of Biomass and Waste

fsb6mini1The 6th edition of the Forum of Biomass & Waste was held in Cracow from 9 to 10 March 2017. The event was organized by an analytical-advisory team of CBE Polska. The project was devoted to legislation, investments and technologies related to biomass and waste generation. Nearly 300 participants representing various industries, as well as those involved in green electricity and heat production, participated in the meeting. The Strategic partners of the event were: Krakowski Municipal Holding, KYOTHERM, OSIsoft, AQOTEC, Bureau Veritas. The Law partner of the Forum was the Domański Zakrzewski Palinka. The Wolff Group, BMH Technology, Biomass SK, Andritz, Hitachi Zosen Inova, Tenza, Badger Meter Europa, Fumar, Vyncke were presented as Technological Partners. fsb6mini4More
fsb51V edition of the Forum of Biomass and Waste was held on 13-14 April 2016 in Warsaw. Strategic Partners were PGNiG Termika, fumar, BioControl / National Register of Certified Biomass. Industry supplier were Andritz and BMH Technology. In addition, Technology Partners were BlueSoft, Testchem and Hamilton Poland. Honorary Patronage of the Forum were: Polish Chamber of Biomass, the Polish Chamber of Waste Management, Recycling Polish Chamber of Commerce, National Chamber of Waste Management, Cement Manufacturers Association, National Association of Rapeseed Producers and Plant Protein, the City of Konin and Lewiatan Confederation. Moreover With the event cooperated with the Ministry of Energy, CEWEP, Polish Energy Group, Central Mining Institute, law firm Domanski Zakrzewski Palinka, CEMEX, Metal Expert, fsb52 Municipal Department for Waste Management in Konin, Waste Utilization Plant in Elblag, Energopomiar, Instal-Filter, Keppel Seghers And also Boson Energy.
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4th edition of the international conference "Forum of Biomass & Waste", was organized by a team of CBE Poland on 15 April 2015 in Krakow. The meeting was attended by nearly 300 participants representing various sectors of industry and industries related to the ecological production of electricity and heat. General partner of the event was the company Turboden, Strategic partner - Advanced Cyclone Systems (ACS). As an Industry Suppliers presented themselves at the event FUMAR and company Ropa Polska, which is the exclusive representative of the brand Albach in Poland, and as Exhibitors promoted their offers: BMH Technology, Falubaz Poland, Lodge Cottrell, GH Intertech and the International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF). The sponsor of the coffee break was the company Standardkessel Baumgarte belonging to the group JFE-Engineering. Amoung the Honorary Patronage of the 4th Forum were: Janusz Piechociński - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Marek Sawicki - Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Marek Sowa - Marshal of the Malopolska region, Jacek Majchrowski - Mayor of the City of Krakow, and the Polish Chamber of Biomass, Polish Chamber of Waste Management, Recycling Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish Biomass Association and the Lewiatan Confederation. Simultaneous translation of the event was provide by company Bireta

The media patrons of the 4th Forum of Biomass & Waste were: wyborcza.biz portal, monthly "Biomass Magazine", the magazine "Business & Ecology", quarterly "Paliwa i Energetyka" ("Fuels and Energy Sector"), the business magazine "Fakty" ("Facts"), oze.pl portal, as well as the portals: ekonews.com.pl, gramwzielone.pl, infor.pl, portalenergia.pl, ioze.pl, elektryka.org, biznesalert.pl, srodowisko.abc.com.pl, elektroonline.pl, inzynieria.com, energiamax.pl and srodowisko.pl. More
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In 2013, the market for biomass experienced the big crisis. The methods of survival in difficult times as well as other aspects of the energy usage of biomass were discussed at the annual, international III Forum of Biomass Combustion, which took place on 24-25 April 2013 in Cracow. For two days, the Forum’s events were visited by nearly half a thousand guests, taking part in plenary debates, specialized workshop sessions ( "Biomass in the light of the new law," "Contracting logistics and storage of biomass" and "Biomass on a small scale") and a part of the exhibition stands. The crowning of the Forum was a great gala awards "Titans of Energy 2012", held in the auditorium of "Warsaw" Salt Mine in Wieliczka. During the ceremony, awards were presented to companies with broad-based industrial sector that can boast of best practices in energy efficiency, environmental protection and ecological production, as well as the best suppliers of solutions for this sector. When organizing the third edition of the Forum cooperated more than 120 entities. Among the participants visited dozens of foreign experts from countries such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, United States, Korea. The moderator of the Third Forum of biomass was Dr. Rafal Rajczyk - Secretary of the Forum, representing the University of Czestochowa. Technology Partners: FP Engeineering Ltd, Integro Earth Fuel, BMH Technology, ANT sp. O.o., FLUID SA, Foster Wheeler Energy Poland Sp. z o. o., Group Powen Wafapomp SA. Legal Partner of the Forum was GFKK Grzybczyk, Kałuża, Kaminski and Partners Legal Solicitors and Logistics Partner was CTL Logistics Group. The Technology Experts were Fumar and Hajduk Group; among Industry Suppliers presented themselves: Kablitz, GH Intertech, and Araj. Aditionally the exhibition stand had “Praca.pl” portal. During the second day we organized three specialized parallel workshops in cooperationn with: workshop "Biomass in the light of the new law" - the company Enerbit, workshop "Contracting, logistics and storage of biomass" - Company: SEW Eurodrive, CTL Logistics, Agrex eco and Gutkowski company, workshop "Biomass in a small-scale" in cooperation with Viessmann and Metalerg.More...
II fsbForum was organized by the team of CBE Polska. The conference gathered around 400 professionals representing sectors as following :the energy sector, key institutions, industry associations as well as the representatives of solution providing companies. There were two times more participants than during the first edition of the event which were held in Czestochowa a year before.The second edition was hosted by AGH University of Science and Technology.
Honorary Patronage for the Forum were: Mayor of Krakow Jacek Majchrowski, Marek Sowa Marshal of the Malopolska Region, Czestochowa University of Technology, Opole University of Technology, Polish Biomass Association "POLBIOM", Swedish Polish Platform for Sustainable Energy, European Union of Electricity Industry Eurelectric, German Agency for Renewable Resources, The Association of Polish Electrical Engineers National Federation of Grain, Stock Exchange, the Association of VGB Powertech.II fsb 2 Strategic Partners of the current edition were for the second time Foster Wheleer Energy Poland and the Company OMIS. Among the Technology Partners presented themselves: FP Engineering and Metzo. Partner of Forum was the company Nalco Mobotec and Industry Experts were Fumar, Elbis, Metalerg, Kablitz and Schenk Process. More...
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The 1st edition of the National Forum of Biomass Combustion was held on 20-21 April 2011 in Czestochowa, and it was entirely dedicated to the issues of the fuel use in the power generating enterprises. The Forum combined the elements of conference and presentation. During the two days we hosted more than 200 representatives from key energy companies, academic staff as well as main solution providers for the sector. The conference was held on the first day, in the main hall of the Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Protection of the Czestochowa University of Technology, while on April 21 all participants had the opportunity to visit the most modern plant for biomass burning in Poland, i.e. Fortum Power and Heat Plant in Czestochowa.

The substantive side of the Forum was supported by the Program Board chaired by Prof. Wojciech Nowak, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Protection of the Czestochowa University of Technology; the Board was made up of: Prof. Adam Gula, Prof. Jan Kozlowski, Prof. Andrzej Szlek, Dr. Krystyna Kubica and Karol Teliga.

The Honorary Host of the Forum was the Czestochowa University of Technology and the company Fortum; the Honorary Patronage was taken by the following institutions: the Polish Chamber of Biomass, the Polish Cleaner Production Movement Society, the Polish Biomass Association POLBIOM, the National Energy Conservation Agency, the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers. The event was sponsored by: the company Foster Wheeler, which was the strategic partner of the event, as well as the companies Sefako and Sick. More...
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TYTAN male Competition "Titans of Energy" is a unique, non-commercial contest aimed at businesses with broad-based industrial sector that can boast of best practices in energy efficiency, environmental protection and ecological production, as well as suppliers of the best solutions for this sector. It is an accompanying event regularly engaged on a "Forum of biomass combustion." Prizes are awarded for achievements in the previous year. The contest Titans of Energy reward companies that are leaders in specific activities and projects so successful on the domestic and international market. The contest aims to popularize the people who contribute to the development of solutions in the field of energy efficiency, the most interesting products in this sector, as well as the promotion of innovative technical ideas. Prizes are awarded by an independent Jury Competition. The outcome of the plebiscite, from 2011, accompanied by a gala held in the spectacular interiors of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, in the auditorium of "Warszawa", which is located at a depth of 122.5 m. The awards are given in four categories:
  • Product / Solution of the year
  • "Large-scale" investment
  • 'Small-scale' investment
  • Environmental responsibility
Report from the previous edition of the event,"Titans of Energy" gala, photo gallery from the event and detailed articles recounting past meetings can be found on thematic portal: http://spalaniebiomasy.pl/en/titans-of-energy-2012.html
EZO2 2Across the Europe, just like mushrooms after the rain, edition of the international conference "Forum a modern waste incineration plants and plants producing alternative fuel (RDF, SRF, EBS ...) as well as local CHP installations adapted to their combustion. Power industry, which before was investing in biomass, also begins to consider the use of these fuels in their plants. The potential of use of waste for energy purposes in Poland is huge, due to the fact that large amount of waste is not developed yet. Consequently, on 3rd October 2013 in Warsaw, seminar "Energy from waste. Investments, fuel and technologies" was held. At that event we've cooperated with more than 70 entities and gathered about 130 participants from Poland and abroad. As in Poland waste-to-energy sector is still developing, experts from Korea, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Finland and Canada have shared their experience. Strategic Partners of the seminar were companies: GH Intertech, POSCO Engineering & Construction, Turbomach and Cross Wrap. EZO2 4 Company Ekokogenracja was a Technology Partner and in group of Technological Experts following companies were presented: Termomeccanica Ecologia S.p.A, abd VECOPLAN. Exhibitors: BMH Technology i Kaefer. It is also worth mentioning that Waste Away was a Sponsor of Coffee Brake. We invite you to read the official conclusions of the seminar, which as the official position of the industry will be submitted to the Ministry of the environment, Ministry of the economy and the relevant parliamentary committee. Meanwhile, we invite you to view photos from the seminar. More
EZO postulaty The result of the seminar, which was held on 3 October 2013 was the formulation of an open letter to the Minister of the Environment, Economy and Head of the Permanent Subcommittee of Parliamental Monitoring Waste Management. By the link: http://cbepolska.pl/pl/energia-z-odpadow.html?start=1 we present a list of demands and proposals which have been formulated as an official position of the Polish branch "Waste to Energy". Our suggestions concern to issues related to the possibilities of energetic usage of waste as well as shortcomings in the regulatory environment that hinder investment. In our opinion, they are worth taking into account when preparing the relevant legislative and support mechanisms. Presenting a list of concrete proposals for regulations, we can express the profound hope that specific ministries include them in its work on new regulations. More
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EZO 1The second edition of the international seminar "Energy from waste. Investments, fuel technology", was held on March 25, 2014 in Warsaw. It was organized in close cooperation with Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (CEWEP), which represents approximately 380 installations producing energy from waste in Europe, or 88% of the total European market. In these installations, through the production of energy is thermally rearranged annually 54 million tons of waste from households and communal remaining after operations to prevent their formation, the secondary use and recycling. During EZO 2 Honorary Patrons were: The Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council (WTERT), Embassy of Denmark, Technical University of Lodz, Cracow University of Technology, Tadeusz Kosciuszko Institute of Environmental Protection - Polish Research Institute, National Economic Chamber of Recycling, the National Forum of Managers of Municipal Foundation Energy Conservation Promotion Association Alternative Fuels, Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas, the Polish Chamber of Commerce Sustainability, National Chamber of Waste Management, the Chief Inspector Protection Environment, Marshal Mazowiecki, Jaroslaw Turnip - Member of the Board of the Westpomeranian Region, the President of Warsaw city, Mayor of the city of Konin. EZO 2 Event was covered by the patronage of Szczecin city. The event was attended by nearly 150 experts representing industries: waste, energy and growing sector of the WTE. More