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Problems arising from the increasing amount of waste, decreasing the number of landfills as well as increasing the level of consumption of conventional fuels creates systematic increase of investment in waste treatment with energy recovery market (called Waste to Energy, WTE). EU legislation and national law regulations for the protection of the environment also conducive to the development of this market branch. Waste is a huge, still untapped source of secondary raw materials and energy. One of the ecologically safe development methods is using wastes as fuel in high-temperature combustion processes. Across Europe, modern waste incinerators, plants producing alternative fuel (RDF, SRF, EBS ...) and district heating plants with systems adapted to their combustion, spring up like a mushrooms after the rain. Local communities, governments and regional businesses responsible for rational waste management are heavily involved in the whole process.

Power industry, previously heavily investing in biomass sector, also begins to consider the use of these fuels in their plants. However there are a number of problems that must be overcome. Formally, alternative fuels are produced from industrial and municipal waste and can replace coal when are properly processed. Currently, technology allows to use theme in the cement industry most frequently. Significant is the fact that stable quality parameters and additional regulations, economic incentives resulting from for example possibility of allocating part of the electricity produced using waste as renewable energy.
Production potential of alternative fuels is now looking for new markets. With no doubt it is the industrial and energy sectors. Close cooperation between the companies involved in waste management and energy producers to develop a cooperation model is a key element here. Integrated solutions which will ensure process efficiency and will guarantee return on investment cost in time estimated by investors, have to be created.

Therefore, we present a seminar "Energy from waste. Investments, fuels, technologies" which will be held on 3rd October 2013 in Warsaw, Poland. The seminar is one of the elements from series of events dedicated to the biomass used for energy purposes. In the series of these events we organize following training courses: biofuels sampling, logistics, combustion side-products as well as the settlement of biofuels for support systems.
The culmination of the cycle is annual, international " Forum of biomass combustion" which brings together nearly five hundred people form Poland and abroad as well as the best suppliers for this sector.

We are convinced that as with our other projects, also on October 3, we will create an interesting place for a discussion among experts. At the same time we will present the novelties of the market and the most interesting technologies.

The most important topics of the seminar:
  • Regulatory environment for investments in waste management, production of alternative fuels and conditions of their use for the production of electricity and heat
  • Funding opportunities
  • Environmental aspects associated with waste incineration processes and their use
  • Types of alternative fuels
  • The most interesting implementation
  • Alternative fuels in the energy sector, heating, cement
  • Models of cooperation between local governments, the municipal sector and potential investors
  • Technologies

To participate in the seminar we invite:
  • Representatives of the public sector
  • Enterprises form municipal sector
  • Energy producers
  • Cement plants
  • Equipment and technology supplier
  • Representatives of investors implementing projects to build Waste Thermal Treatment Plant
  • Manufacturers, recipients of alternative fuels
  • Operators controlling the quality of alternative fuels
  • Waste management plants
  • Companies from the construction sector and project contractors
  • Design and engineering and consulting companies