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Warsztaty Wpływ jakości paliwa na proces spalania w kotłach energetycznych

Dear Sirs,

due that the fuel purchasing costs account for 60-80% of power plant operating costs, the key savings theoretically can be achieved by selecting a cheaper coal. But we should not forget that the real price of coal make also additional costs resulting from the impact on the work of the power plant, which must be estimated. In some cases, they may outweigh savings from the purchase of cheaper coal as its quality affects every part of the plant.

All entities that produce or use solid fuels in the production processes are required to the their quality current authentication and testing to achieve an appropriate balance. The fuel consumer requirements diversity forced to carry out various tests to determine the specific parameters characterizing the quality of coal. This is related to, among others, a series of standards. Apart from the above, the verification of fuel is also crucial for ensuring sustainable production and to achieve optimal boilers efficiency.

Therefore, we present you the  2nd edition of the specialized workshop entitled.: "Impact of quality resulting from fuel combustion in power boilers" which will be held on February 10th, 2016 in Warsaw. Just like the previous edition, workshops have been prepared in close collaboration with the Department of Solid Fuels Quality Evaluation, Central Mining Institute, which is a certified unit.

The most important topics of the workshop:
  • Quality requirements for coal used for energy production: moisture content, ash content, sulfur, calorific value, volatile matter content, the sintering ability, particle size, susceptibility milling, the melting point of the ash
  • Formulating qualitative requirements for the purchase of fuel and quality control
  • Coal storage, rules for determining the coal losses during transport and storage
  • Fuels selection suitable for each type of furnace
  • Occurred problems when burning coal blends
  • Quality parameters of imported coal
  • Influence of factors arising from the quality of the fuel, on the combustion process in boilers
  • Risks and difficulties arising from the unsatisfactory quality parameters of burned coal
  • Fuel parameters and combustion waste produced during the combustion quality examination
  • Analysis of the combustion process, varying fuel quality in different types of furnaces
  • Ways to avoid negative phenomena, unfavorable from an economic and ecological point of view
  • Innovative design solutions in coal boilers
  • Fuel quality optimization for the specific type of furnace
To participate in the workshop we are inviting engineering and technical experts and the professionals responsible for fuels quality control in power plants. Also representatives of power plants and heating plants, mines and fuel trading companies including representatives of the following departments:
  • technical
  • laboratory quality assessment
  • chemicals
  • fuels
  • repair and modernization
  • geological and mining
  • service
  • manufacturing
  • supports carburizing systems
  • surveyors
  • production
  • control systems serving samples of solid fuels and combustion waste
  • technical inspection
As well as:
  • staff of technical universities dealing with machines and energy devices
  • representatives of research institutes
  • manufacturers of machinery and energy equipment
  • representatives of design offices
  • representatives measuring units of energy research
  • representatives of domestic and foreign companies working with energy
  • representatives of companies engaged in the modernization of boiler equipment

We also invite representatives of companies providing technological solutions useful in the process of quality control of fuels (eg. Weight, equipment for automatic sampling, etc.).

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Since the beginning of 2011 we trained over 900 specialists within subject of proper accounting and balancing energy fuels.

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