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For years, there has been an emphasis in Europe, as well as in Poland, on promoting an increase of renewable energy sources (RES) in the energy mix. At present, the RES market in Poland is undergoing significant changes. On 1 July 2016 a comprehensive amendment to the Act on renewable energy sources came into force, and further changes are being planned in the field of development of new forms of energy entrepreneurship in Poland - clusters and cooperatives. In the coming years, coal will be the main pillar of the energy system in Poland, but sources of renewable energy can be an excellent supplement to the energy system (provided, of course, the optimal model for integrating them into the grid).

One of the proven and efficient ways to ensure the efficiency, stability and competitiveness of distributed energy is the use of virtual power plants as well as the ever-expanding technology of advanced energy storage. Virtual power solutions are a closed, controllable unit (unit) that can meet the energy needs of a single plant or be integrated into the power grid, thereby increasing its energy efficiency ratios.

The concepts of "Virtual Power Plant" or energy storage are increasingly used in industrial/commercial applications in the countries in the European Union. Meanwhile, in Poland their use is still negligible. It is worth looking at the implementation of similar ventures in Europe in order to be able to prepare for the realization of investments in Poland.

Due to the above, on February 28, 2017 in Częstochowa, the second edition of the specialized seminar organized by CBE Polska and the Czestochowa University of Technology Faculty of Electrical Engineering: "Virtual Power Plants, Energy Warehouses and Energy Cooperatives" took place. The event was created in cooperation with strategic partners: EMU, BTC Business Technology Consulting, PSI Polska, DNV GL Energy, and Connect Point, SAP Poland, Lenovo and WAGO ELWAG, who presented themselves as Technologists and Exhibitors. The seminar was held under the honorary patronage of: Ministry of Energy, National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, EASE, SEDC, PIIT, SIT, SEO, SEP, UPEBI, KIGEiT, NOT, PIME, PSES, SGPEO, ECO BREC.