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Dear Sir/Madam,

Over the past two years, Europe has seen a dynamic development of the biomethane market. The number of biomethane plants increased from 483 in 2018 to 729 in 2020. Currently, biomethane in Europe is produced in 18 European countries. Most biomethane plants are located in Germany – 232, in France – 131, in Great Britain – 80. Detailed information is included in GIE – EBA European Biomethane Map

Poland is just on the eve of the biomethane revolution. The new market is stimulated, among others, by the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council (RED II) and the amendment to the Act on bio-components and liquid biofuels adopted by the Sejm. Recent official press releases of the largest Polish fuel companies which explicitly declare biomethane investments and perceive this fuel as an opportunity for the energy transition of the transport sector are also optimistic. The first step in the biomethane revolution (up to 4 billion m3 per year) is the orderly legal environment, including a support scheme that can be a basis for large-scale production. The main barriers and perspectives for the Polish market are described in the so-called “White Paper on Biomethane” – a document prepared by the National Chamber of Biofuels, the Union of Producers and Employers of the Biogas Industry and the Institute of Petroleum and Gas as part of the Coalition for Biomethane.

Due to the growing interest in the potential of investment in biomethane, you are invited to participate in the third on-line seminar “Biomethane & Green Hydrogen in Poland”, which will take place on May 20, 2021. The main objective of the event is to exchange the experience of experts from Poland and abroad to define the main barriers and possibilities of implementing biomethane technologies in Poland.

Unlike previous ones, the upcoming third edition of the event will mainly focus on biomethane. The two previous editions dealt with the prospects of the development of the green hydrogen sector. The event reports are available at:
  1. First edition: https://cbepolska.pl/en/i-seminar-green-hydrogen-from-renewable-in-poland.html
  2. Second edition: https://cbepolska.pl/en/ii-seminar-green-hydrogen-from-renewable.html
Also, it is worth mentioning that starting from 2018, we have been an organizer of the cyclical seminar titled “Biofuels - law, market, trends”:
  1. First edition: https://cbepolska.pl/en/seminar-biofuels-2018.html
  2. Second edition: https://cbepolska.pl/en/seminar-biofuels.html

NOTE! The language used during the seminar is mainly English.

The most important issues discussed during the event include:
  • Regulatory framework - European strategy and Polish assumptions
  • Examples of foreign implementations from mature markets - case studies
  • Technologies
  • Cost and effectiveness analysis of the investment
  • Possibilities of project financing
  • Quality requirements for biomethane
We invite the following to participate:
  • Investors on the RES market
  • Biogas sector
  • Energy-intensive industry
  • Representatives of public sector and administration units
  • Solution and technology providers
  • Design and engineering companies, consulting companies and law firms
  • Industry organizations and associations

The meeting will be conducted on-line - in real time:
  • during the meeting you will see both the presentation and the speaker,
  • the materials on the basis of which the speaker makes presentations can be downloaded in the events panel after entering the virtual room
  • you will be able to ask questions directly through the integrated chat mechanism,
  • before the event you will receive a guide letter from us, including a link that will enable you to participate in the seminar,
  • 30 minutes before the official start time of the meeting we will open the “virtual training room”. During this time, we are at your disposal to check the connection.

  • a computer with stable Internet connection,
  • a web browser (the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge or Opera)