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Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

European Commission Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union, European Commission

Center for Climate and Energy Analyses

CAKE is a part of The National Centre for Emissions Management (KOBIZE). The main objective of the Project is to develop a sustainable and comprehensive system for creating and exchanging information and knowledge in order to support the effective and efficient implementation of the EU climate and energy policies. This is aimed mainly at supporting the process of decision-making and enhancing the potential of knowledge and competences within the public administration dealing with the issues of climate and energy policies.

ercst200 zielone The European Roundtable on Climate Change and Sustainable Transition (ERCST) was launched in September 2016 under the umbrella of the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) and is since November 2018 an independent non-profit association based in Brussels, Belgium. It aims to provide a neutral space where policy-makers and regulators can meet stakeholders to discuss climate change policy and how to manage the transition to a low GHG-economy in a sustainable way. While focused on European climate policy, ERCST fully recognises, and incorporates in its activities and thinking, the global dimension of climate change policy. Besides providing a place to meet, ERCST provides rigorous intellectual analysis in step with the EU and international political agenda, by using the experience and research input of its staff, and the input of the stakeholders who join its activities. ERCST aims to provide original ideas and research into European and international debates on climate change policy. ERCST represents its own views and strives to ensure in a very strict way its independence and integrity. ERCST focuses its work on a number of workstreams that operate with different formats such as Task Forces, moderated European Roundtables in Brussels and other capitals, briefings, and lunchtime meetings.
SITPMB200 Association of Engineers and Technicians of the Building Materials Industry

hiph Polish Steel Association

is a non-profit trade organisation established in 1991. The Association represents steel manufacturers and steel processing plants, the cooperating industries as well as service providers, design offices, research and development institutes and commercial companies. The Association is the only organised representation of the steel industry in Poland acting as a link to the government and regional authorities for its members.
HIPH collects and processes sector data, prepares sector reports, provides opinion on the newly proposed or amended legal regulations, promotes steel as a material and the steel sector as a modern industry. Within the HIPH’s structure, there are experts teams established (for Energy, Environmental Protection and Social Affairs), Directors’ forum (trade, financial and technical), commissions dealing with current issues. HIPH provides publishing and training services. The Association pays the same attention to the interests of large as well as small member companies.
Under the international cooperation, the Association is involved (directly or through representatives of the member companies) in works performed by the problem-focused committees of EUROFER, WSA and ESTA.

spc Cement Producers Association

CALE Polish Glass Manufacturers Federation