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Advanced Cyclone Systems, S. A. for the 2nd time become Strategic Partner at our event!

Advanced Cyclone SystemsWe are pleased to announce that Advanced Cyclone Systems, S. A. (ACS) for the 2nd time become Strategic Partner of our event. This Portuguese company is exclusively dedicated to the development of high efficiency cyclone systems worldwide. Pedro Ribas Araujo CEO of ACS will give a lecture in the 4th Forum of Biomass & Waste, which will be held on 15th-16th April 2015 in Kraków. More... More...

International Flame Research Foundation involved in the 4th Forum of Biomass & Waste

ifrfWe are pleased to announce that the International Flame Research Foundation involved in our 4th Forum of Biomass & Waste, which will take place on 15-16th April, in Krakow. IFRF is an international research organization focused on industrial combustion and related processes. The Forum will provide an excellent opportunity to make contact with the representatives of the IFRF Foundation. More

Are you SMART? Present yourself!

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For the 5th time we have the pleasure to invite you to cooperate and participate in the "Smart Communications & Technology Forum". In 2015 it will be held on 11th June in the Marriott Hotel, Warsaw. Forum take place annually in Poland, entirely focused on the smart grids and smart metering. Since the 1st edition Forum has attracted over 850 participants. At the moment, their involvement to the event confirmed: Fortum (Sweden), RWE Deutschland AG (Germany), TAURON Distribution SA (Poland), Israeli Smart Energy Association (Israel). In the framework of the forthcoming Forum, we offer you the opportunity to present equipment, products, technology and technical solutions in substantive presentation, on exhibition stands and other forms of visualization. We encourage you to contact us and co-create the event! More

How will the current lack of implementing rules for the preparation of the Initial Reports affect the position of the Integrated Permit issuing authorities?

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Has the authority the right to deny of the risk analysis method of contamination of soil or earth or the initial report accompanying the request for Integrated Permits? Under what conditions it may reject the report? The initial report should theoretically be performed only once. Is a significant change in the installation, which consists of the introduction of a chemical that causes a risk of contamination of soil should result in a repeat or only an update of the Initial Report? These and other topics were discussed by experts during the 2nd edition of the IED Forum which was held on 11th-12th February 2015, in Lodz. International event was realized by the team of CBE POLAND, this time with the Partnership  of Veolia Energy Łódź. The Forum was attended more than 120 people. Among other companies involved were: SGS Poland, ACS (Advanced Cyclone Systems) and ACCREO that were Strategic Partners of the event and the company SAACKE -  as a Idustry supplier, as well as company JARS presenting the exhibition stand.. More...

RES Act implemented! Tariffs for prosumers will be guaranteed

In today's vote, the Parliament rejected the Senate amendments on support for prosumers. Thus, ultimately, to the RES Act will be entered the prosumer amendment brought by Arthur Bramora from PSL. With today's vote 227 deputies were for reject the Senate amendments on the principles of energy sales from domestic RES microinstallations and thereby maintaining the previously implemented by the Parliament the Bramory's amendment and 200 deputies were against, and 9 abstained from voting. 24 deputies didn't vote.

BMH Technology is engaged in the 4th Forum of Biomass & Waste, and this is our 4th cooperation with this company!

BMH TechnologyWe are pleased to announce that company BMH Technology joined to sponsors group of the 4th Forum of Biomass & Waste. BMH Technology is leader on market of the unloading, storage and transportation of biomass and alternative fuels technology, as well as offers services for the processing of fuels, in particular, for the energy, cement and municipal sector. We would like to recall that the company BMH Technologies was involved also in the 2nd edition of Seminar "Development prospects of cogeneration", which was held in August 2015 and during the 3rd Forum of biomass, which was held in April 2013, as well as at first Seminar on "Energy from waste. investments, fuels, technologies, "which took place in October 2013. During the upcoming 4th Forum of Biomass & Waste, BMH will present its offer on the exhibition stand.. More...

Company FUMAR for the 4th time as a sponsor of our event

fumarWe are pleased to announce that the company FUMAR has joined the group of sponsors of the 4th Forum of Biomass & Waste, which will take place on 15-16th April, in Krakow. Company is mainly focusing on a small industrial power generation, utilization of waste heat and renewable energy sources, but mainly on the energy produced from biomass. Together with its partners FURAR provides services of the design, construction, delivery and organization and implementation of the investment. We would like to recall that company FUMAR solutions have been recognized by the jury of competition plebiscite "Titans Energy 2011". The company was awarded in the category of product / solutions of 2011 for the installation of excessive coke oven gas usage to supply the needs of the power block in the Kombinat Koksochemiczny Zabrze. FUMAR worked with us also at the 2nd edition of the Forum Biomass Combustion and at the 2nd edition of Seminar "Energy from waste. Investments, fuels, technologies"More...

Member of the Board in KHK SA talks about the process of building the ZTPO in Krakow

jakub batorkhk
Jakub Bator, Member of the Board and Director of Development in Krakowski Holding Komunalny S.A. joined the group of speakers of 4th Forum of Biomass & Waste, which will be held on 15-16th April 2015 in Krakow. KHK expert is involved in the process of building the municipal waste incineration plant as a Project Supervisor of building ZTPO (Zakład Termicznego Przedtwarzania Odpadów). During the event Jakub Bator will talk about the final stages of investment construction. More...

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