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New investment - industrial emissions reduction technologies


To implement the resolutions of the Directive 2010/75/EU (the Industrial Emissions Directive), the Council of Ministers adopted at 14th January 2014, a draft law concerning changing of the Environmental Protection Act and other laws, submitted by the Minister of the Environment.According to many experts IED Directive is zero-one directive - the owners of installations that do not meet the new requirements will be forced to switch off the blocks which do not meet standards (due to huge penalties). Equally certain is the fact that under the new law, companies had to incur huge investment effort. In connection with the new responsibilities, which will have to face many entrepreneurs we organize an international conference IED FORUM, which will take place on 22nd May 2014 in Warsaw. During the event, Polish and foreign experts will discuss how to adapt business activities to the requirements of the implemented rules. We invite you to participate and cooperate in the event. More...

The President signed the Act about extending the support for cogeneration

President Bronisław Komorowski signed on Monday the amendment to Energy Law, extending till the end of year 2018, the support system for the energy production by high-efficiency cogeneration installations - that is, producing both electricity and heat.

The draft law on renewable energy sources dated on 28 March 2014

Today The Government Legislative Center published the next version of the draft law on renewable energy sources dated on 28 March 2014. With the new version of the draft law on renewable energy sources, version 6.3, on The Government Legislative Center web sides also appeared new versions of impact assessment and justification for the project. The Government Legislative Centre has also published draft legislation for the Act and the detailed information about the substantive changes made to the project during the work of the Council of Ministers Legal Committee.

Poland needs a technological, organizational and logistics revolution for waste management

The second edition of the organized by us international seminar "Energy from waste. Investments, fuels and technologies" is behind us. In event held in Warsaw was attended nearly 150 experts representing industries: waste, energetic and growing sector of the WTE.
Challenges in the field of waste management, which are facing Poland, will require huge costs and effort. Time to take actions we have less and less. Starting in 2013, in practice we implement in Poland, the new municipal waste management system called in the media "junk revolution", because it requires a huge changes. A lot of positive developments happened in the waste market, but there are still many problems that sometimes require decisive government intervention. Works on the amendment of the Act are going on. Both at the level of Parliament and the Ministry of Environment should be completed this year. The main objective on which should be a lot of talks is a hierarchy of waste disposal. Weight of landfilled waste, sometimes irretrievably wasted, reaches 70-80 %. We are almost at the very end, when it comes to reducing the amount of landfills in the European Union. At the same time we have huge reserves, when it comes to raw materials - both in terms of recycling and recovery, including energy recovery.
According to Krzysztof Kawczyński - moderator of the seminar and the Chairman of the Environment Committee of the National Chamber of Commerce - over the next five years it is possible to achieve a technological, organizational and logistics revolution in the field of waste management. According to the expert, it is not worth to scare with penalties from the European Commission. Emphasis should be on the fact that we can achieve tremendous economic and environmental benefits, as well as improving safety... The rest of the article is available at this link (for now only in Polish - we will translate it into English soon).

Organizational information - 2nd Semianar "Energy form Waste" - 25.03.2014, Warsaw

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Dear Sirs,

due to a large number of participants, below you can find the necessary organizational information related to II seminar "Energy from waste. Investments, fuels, technologies" which will be held on 25th March 2014 in Warsaw, Poland.
  • To entry the seminar you must (beside already received personal confirmation in electronic form) report to reception stand, register your name and collect identifiers and materials.
  • For more details visit: http://cbepolska.pl/en/ii-seminar-energy-from-waste.html
  • Lectures at seminar will be held on 25.03 2014 in Warsaw, Poland in Marriott Hotel, in "Congress Hall" located on the 3rd floor of the hotel.
  • Due to a large number of participants registration starts at 8:00 AM, and the official openning is scheduled at 9.00 AM.
  • Organizer does not provide accommodation during the seminar.
  • Organizer does not provide parking spaces during the seminar.
  • If you are interested in receiving materials in the electronic version after seminar, please bring your business card and leave your contact details at the reception stand.
  • Our staff is available in the room and at the reception stand and will be happy to answer all your questions.

If you have any questions, please call us (Service in English): +48 792 274 075

Seminar dedicated to energy from waste will be held next week. There are the last available places!

EZO2 sala1The 2nd edition of the International Seminar "Energy from waste. Investments, Fuels, technologies" will be held next week, on 25th March, at the Warsaw Marriott Hotel. During the event we will discuss the current development of EU waste policy and the potential use of waste for the energy production in heating and electricity industry. In the program we could not miss to present experience reaching for specific applications and investments; during the 2nd edition of the seminar it will be: Norwegian plant Klemetsrud WTE Plant Oslo, Swedish Heat Generation Uppsala and Italian A2A Waste to Energy Brescia.

The event will also provide an opportunity to meet representatives of entities, such as, the European Commission, the Ministry of Environment, General Directorate for Environmental Protection, Energy Regulatory Authority and the National Chamber of Commerce. Participation in the event has already confirmed more than 120 people, among which are representatives of state and local government (in particular the city Halls representatives from cities, in which WTE investments are realized), energy companies and utilities, NGOs, chambers and trade associations, researchers and advisors, as well as providers of services and solutions for sectors related to the production of energy from waste .

All interested in participating in the seminar please contact us - still a few free seats left. More...

Andra will present solutions on our seminar about waste to energy

andraThe company ANDRA joined the sponsors of second international seminar "Energy from Waste", which will be held on 25th March 2014, in Warsaw. During the event company will present itself among industry vendors. ANDRA is an integrator of ICT systems with 25 years of experience and a stable position in the Polish ICT market. More

National Chamber of Waste Management joined to the Honorary Patrons of our seminar!

kigoThe second edition of our International Seminar "Energy from waste. Investments, fuels, technologies" has been covered by the Honorary Patronage of the Notional Chamber of Waste Management. The event will be held in less than two weeks - on 25th March 2014 - in Marriott Hotel in Warsaw.

Currently, the National Chamber of Waste Management creates 125 domestic enterprises engaged in wide-ranging waste management (waste, storage, disposal, waste separation) and in the production of municipal equipment. KIGO has open character, may join to it, under the terms of the Articles of Association, entities related to waste management, acting in the structure of local government, producers associated with the municipal sector and associations of municipalities. During our seminar, participants will have the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Chamber. More...

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