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Robin Rix from UN organization UNFCCC as a panellist at our debate at COP19!

Robin RixUNFCC Robin Rix, Team Lead, Strategy Development, Sustainable Development Mechanisms programme United Nations Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC), ONZ joined the group of experts who will speak at organized by us debate at Global Climate Summit COP19: CBE Polska side event "EU ETS - New regulations and market strategies for climate change and emission trade". Robin Rix represents the organization UNFCCC (main organizer of the Summit) where he is responsible for developing strategies to market mechanisms (including EU ETS). Prior to joining the UN, he worked with the law firm Clifford Chance LLP, where he advised on environmental issues and climate change. More...

The representative of the aviation sector in the debate organized by us at Climate Summit

Michael AdamsiataThe group of speakers taking part in debate which we organize at Global Climate Summit COP 19, was joined by Michel Adam, Coordinator of Environmental Policy at International Air Transport Association. During the event, the expert will present the position of IATA about CO2 emissions trading, as well as the EU ETS from the perspective of the aviation sector. Michel Adam Prior to joining IATA in 2012, he worked in Brussels as a Manager for Environment and Consumer Affairs at the Association of European Airlines (AEA). His previous experience also includes working in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), in the United Nations and the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation.

IATA is an association of 240 members comprise 84% of the total air traffic who support many areas of aviation activity and help formulate industry policy on critical aviation issues. More...

The delegation of the Government of the Republic of China on the issue of CO2 emissions during our debate at COP19

dr hui chenepaDr Hui-Chen Chien, Counselor/Executive Director, Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, Republic of China (Taiwan) joined the group of panelists at organized expert debate organized by us at Global Climate Summit COP19: CBE Polska side event "EU ETS - New regulations and market strategies for climate change and emission trade". During the debate, Ms. Chien will talk about the position of the Republic of China on the issues of CO2 emissions, in particular Taiwan ETS system and related economic incentives affecting the surge of carbon dioxide emitted. It is worth mentioning that the Taiwanese system uses mechanisms similar to the standards of the UNFCCC/CDM. More...


English CO2 emitter will present its views during the debate at the global climate summit COP19

William KyteeonDr. William Kyte, Senior Advisor on Climate Change at E.ON will participate in a panel debate which we organize during the global climate summit COP19 at the National Stadium in Warsaw. EU ETS - New regulations and market strategies for climate change and emission trade will be held on the first week of summit, 13th November at 6.30 PM. Bill Kyte addressed climate change issues internationally, particularly at the EU level, for over 20 years. He is a founder member and Honorary President of the UK Emissions Trading Group (ETG) Ltd and Chief Advisor, International Climate Policy at EURELECTRIC. During the debate, Dr Kyte will present the position of E ON, which is active in the EU ETS. More information about the speakers and details about our event at COP 19 may be found at UNFCCC fficial website and at our website CBE Polska. More

Networking meeting for the leaders of the CO2 market at the 40th floor of the Warsaw Marriott Hotel!

Mariott panorama
Immediately after II European Emission Trading Summit, on the 19th November, between 16.00 and 19.00 networking meeting will be held. We invite all participants to attend. The meeting will be a valuable opportunity to get acquainted with the representatives of companies and entities involved in the project, as well as an opportunity to strengthen relations with our business partners in the sector. The meeting will be held in the Panorama Bar & Lounge, the highest European hotel bar on the fortieth floor of the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw! That evening, the bar is for the exclusive use of our conference guests. VIP ROOM - a unique, quiet corner with a fantastic panorama view of the eastern part of the capital, will contribute to establishing relationships with potential partners.

We invite you to participate in the informal part of the event! More...


Aither Co2 about the specifics of trading in the aviation market during the II EETS

aitherco2During II European Emision Trading Summit high attention will be given to issues related to trade rights in the aviation market. Ms Ivona Lukasevic from company Aither CO2 will talk about airlines issues related with CO2 emissions trading. The expert will discuss specific of carbon market in the airline industry, strategies for hedging the risks of trafficking and will provide past experience from the airline industry. Company Aither CO2 as one of the first started its business at the aviation market. It was Aither Co2 who made the first deal on the market (transaction EUAA OTC and the first swap EUAA/CER). More...

See details of CBE POLSKA debate at the World Climate Summit COP19!

cop19At the official website of Global Climate Summit COP19, there's already a detailed presentation on the debate organized by us: "EU ETS - New regulations and market strategies for climate change and emission trade" which will be held already on 13th November at National Stadium in Warsaw.The presentation is available on the official list of events published by UNFCCC - organization of the United Nations: https://seors.unfccc.int/seors/reports/events_list.html?session_id=COP19
At this point it is worth mentioning, that our debate is the only event at the Global Climate Summit, organized by the Polish party. We encourage you to read the list of speakers and enitities involved. At the same time, we invite all experts, organizations, businesses and the media, which have acreditation to the National Stadium to register and actively participate in this debate! More...

Maria Przekopowska
Managing Director, CBE Polska

IETA CEO as a expert on our debate at COP19

Dirk ForristerIETADirk Forrister, President and CEO at International Emissions Trading Association (USA) has confirmed his presence at debate which we organize at COP19. Lets recall, that debate "EU ETS - New regulations and market strategies for climate change and emission trade" will be held already on 13th November at National Stadium in Warsaw and is the only event during global climate summit organized by Polish party. Dirk Forrister previously served as managing director of Natsource, director of one of the world's biggest carbon funds. He also served as Chairman of the White House Climate Change Task Force in the Clinton Administration and Assistant U.S. Secretary of Energy for Congressional, Public and Intergovernmental Affairs. Dirk previously was legislative counsel to Congressman Jim Cooper of Tennessee as well as Energy Program Manager at Environmental Defense Fund. More...

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